It All Began With An Accident

March 20, 2008
By michelle huang, New York, NY

An empty water bottle went flying through the air.Jeni,a chinese student picked it up.She aimed for Travis,an annoying classmate of her's.Jeni released the empty water bottle,but instead of hitting travis,it hitted the girl next to him.She was half sitting and half laying down on the bleachers chatting with her friends.Then she sat up straight and looked at Jeni.The look on her face wasn't very pleasant.Jeni knew right away that she was going to have a problem with her.So Jeni quickly just said sorry,hoping that there will be no problem.
"Sorry,I wasn't aiming for you.It was suppose to hit the boy next to you."But instead of saying it was okay,she started to make more faces and pointing her finger at Jeni and telling Jeni what to do like she was the boss.
"God!I wasn't even aiming for you.I was trying to hit him!"
Then she started her stupid way of talking again.
"Don't god me!Look at youself.You little chinese loser!"
Jeni didn't wanted to listen so she paid no attention to her.Jeni knew it was because of her culture.Jeni has seen it alot and has been treated in such rude ways because of her asian background.If Jeni was white,there won't even be a problem.
When the girl finally had stopped talking,she and her friends all made a face at Jeni.Their faces seems to say,'What?You have a problem?Want to fight?Bring it on!'Jeni rolled her eyes and sigh.If Jeni was white,they won't even say anything.
"C-hum,"the gym teacher cleared his throat.
"Sorry,"one of them said and they all turned around rolling their eyes.Jeni sat back swallowing her anger.Then Jeni whisper all her thoughts out loud to her friend Tya.
"God,I really want to punch them in the face.I know I hitted her,but it was an accident.I didn't do it on purpose.What?She thinks it's so easy to tease me because I'm chinese?Let me tell her what,I backed off because I feel like it's nothing to fight about.Number one,she probably have nothing in that brain of her's except for garbage.Number two,what is up with her?Do they go around looking for fights all day?I feel bad for her,she can't even tell the difference between an accident and on purpose."
Tya was sitting next to Jeni.
"You don't need to be that mad."
"Well,I am!"
"Well,one thing I know is that if you weren't chinese,they'll probably just give the bottle back and forget about it."
Jeni whispered it to Tya so those stupid girls and her gym teacher won't hear her,but she felt bad and anger at the same time.
Why is it that some people think that chineses are losers?How come some people in this world are so rude to other people who's culture and beliefs that are so different from their owns?Why do they think tat just because we are chinese,they have so much more power over us?Why do they think that they could talk to us in such a rude way?I know I hitted her,but I said sorry and an idiot could even tell it wasn't on purpose.Why did she have to make such a big deal out of it and started yelling at me like that?
Jeni turned around and faced her teacher.She took a deep breath,but she could puff fire out of her mouth right now.Jeni wasn't mad because what they said,it was how they acted towards her.Jeni was sure that if Jeni was a different race,they wouldn't even be fighting.Whay did they have to be so racist?
Jeni looked at them and shook her head.Look how big of an idiot they are.With that kind of attitude and behavior,they probably can't get so far with their life.They don't even know how to let alittle problem go without making a big deal out of it first.They can't even tell if something was done on purpose or an accident.So,if you don't know someone or what actually happened,don't judge it because after all,you may be wrong.Just looking at it from the outside doesn't mean you know how it really is.

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