Like Mother, Like Daughter

February 28, 2012
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"And little Sally has long platinum blond hair and milky blue eyes. Her daddy is so rich he spent $2,000 alone on her gown. So we will start the bid at $1,000. Do I see $2,000? $3,000! Going once, going twice, sold to the gentleman in front," announced the director of the pageant.

"Momma, I wanna go home! Now! Now, now, now! I wanna go home!" screeched Sally.

"Now, now baby this nice gentleman is going to take you off mommy and daddy's exhausted hands. He will teach you many things mommy also learned when she was bought by daddy the exact same way."

"But Momma! You promised me a puppy if I won the pageant and I did! Puppy Now!"

"Now baby girl," whispered Uncle Tom, the gentleman who just bought Sally, "Uncle Tom is going to take very good care of you from now on. Plus, you won't have to go to school anymore! You’re too pretty to ruin your looks trying to get a man's education. Come now child into my big white van and we can go home."

"Momma! No more school! I just havta look pretty!"

"Bye baby! I love you," cried the mother as she watched her 6 year old child be led away much like she had been 16 years ago.

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