The Forest of No Return

March 20, 2008
By Rebekah Lyon, Wickliffe, KY

It seamed like a normal saterday but for a boy named Aris clonsbrend it was a starange and bazare time cause each saterday when most boys were playing baseball or videogames Aris would go to his favefrot hide away some people called it the thinking space others called it the time warp but Aris called it the forest of no return the reason he called it that was because the only person that had ever gone in there and came back out alive was him and his best friend Claton.The forest was huge and when no one else was near it but Aris strange things happened like a stick would move but noone would tuch it or a rock would move when noone threw it or maybe even maybe the forest would talk to Aris it would tell him when a tree in the forest needed water or when the royal mud hole would dry up Aris was nice to the forest he named the forest cleo.when he left the forest of course when he left he called it the forest of no return the reason he never called it that when he was in the forest is because he did not want to hurt the forests feelings but he called it the forest of no return to his mom and friends to warn them of the forests danger cleo only let Aris in the gate yes there was a gate so tall and broad and stone cold noone dae enterned but Aris and Claton but iam getting a head of myself let me tell you the entire story i promise you you'll never look at any forest the same way agen. It all began may 6th 2004 when Aris was only 8 he was a short boy he had brown hair and green eyes he had small feet and hands his mom always worried that he would never fit in so she home schooled him one day Aris was in his room looking out the window he wanted to go outside but to his dispair it starting raining.Aris picked up all his toys and put them in the toy box he made his bed and brushed his teeth then he made him self a p b and j then he walked down stairs and put on his red rain coat and blue rain shoes then he grabed his yellow rain hat and walked outside he did'nt no where he was going to or why all Aris new is that he was going to find an atventure he ran and ran then he stoped awhile to rest the small brown haired boy took an apple out of his pocket he placed it on a stump and then ran to find a sharp stick so he could peal the apple he ran and looked under a rock and saw a frog hi frog said Aris the frog seam to be smiling at him just as Aris was about to put the stone down the Frog spoke what do you think your doing hear don't you know this garden is sacret Aris tried to speak to answer but he was so suprized that the frog had spoke that he could'nt the frog smiled at Aris and said you should really be getting home this weather is dangerous Aris looked at the frog with a puzzeled face how can you talk asked Aris i have a mouth said the frog thats how i can talk but your a frog said Aris and frogs can't talk everybody knows that no they don't said the frog cause if they did i would'nt be talking to you at this moment or any moment for that matter.Aris looked up at the sky and saw rain pouring down like a waterfall mister frog said Aris can you help me find a stick i nead a sharp so i can peal my apple the looked ar Aris and said the apple will peal its self what are you talking about asked Aris apples cannot peal them selfs yes they can said the frog go to your stump and look the apple will be pealed so anxious Aris ran to look at the apple he had put on the stump and shure enough the apple was pealed Aris was in a state of shock he ran to the frog and said how did you do that i did nothing said the frog where am i said Aris is this place a garden no said the frog it is cleo whats a cleo said Aris its the name of this forest said the frog and my name is is dalla did your owner name you that asked Aris no said Dalla i named my self thats odd said Aris maybe said Dalla but i love my name now shuuuuuuu why said Aris no one is sleeping yes they are said Dalla the forest is sleeping thats weird said Aris how can a garden sleep it just can said dalla and if you wake te forest up he's branches will close in on you and you'll never see your familey agen.Aris tiptoad out of the forest then Aris ran and ran and ran and ran untill he was home he opened the front door and said mom mom I am home i am home when his mother walked down the stairs and saw him she said Aris just at your close where have you been your wet your soking wet mom i have been in a forest and i saw a frog and he talked to me and my apple pealed its self Aris's older sister over heard the conversatoin and could not resist but laughing she walked down the stairs and said oh Aris your so silly frogs can't talk and there no forests or woods or anything like taht with in 90 miles of this place Aris hung his head in sham he took his wet close off and slipt into his pajomas and went to be he didnot talk or go back to the garden untill 4 years later when he was 12 it was a bright early day it was october 4 2008 Aris was walking with his best friend Claton they were both in the 7th grade then Aris tript and drop all of his stuff Claton ran to Aris's side are you ok he asked no said Aris i think i broke my arm claton said reallly no said Aris then he grabbed a clump of dirt and threw it at Claton hay said Claton then he picked up some dirt well aleast he thounght it was dirt he amed it and was about to throw it when it talked and said put me down you varment Claton was so suprised he threw it up in the air dude said Claton that peace of dirt just talked to me Aris ran to the frog thats not dirt he said thats a frog oh my gosh said Claton i must be going crazy it seamed like that frog talked to me Aris looked at the frog this frog looks so familer i have seen him before Aris realized it was Dalla the same frog that had spoken to him 4 years before claton he said this frog spoke to me years ago in a forest i thank he's trying to tel us somthing yes yes iam said Dalla you too nead to feed cleo who is cleo asked Claton its the forest said Dalla hurry hurry so Aris put Dalla in his pocket and both Claton and Aris ran to the forest to save it they watered the plants and trees then they trimed all the bad branches then they picked up all the stones and sticks and piled them up its official said Claton iam nuts hear iam talking to a frog and cleanig a forest that is'nt suppose to be hear come on said Aris stop talking and work what do you think everyone will say when we tell them about this place said Claton nothing said Aris cause were not going to tell them its our secret and only the forest wants us in hear our parents will ground us then all of the sudden there was a great wind so strong and powerful it knocked Claton and Aris to the ground both of then shook with fear whats going on asked Aris Cleo is happy you have cleaned her said Dalla and now she is going reward you bright shining coins apeared in there hands they were soled gold wow said Claton this is more money then i get all year said Claton me too said Aris the garden began to speak you have cleaned me and now i have rewarded you i am not going to set you free untill you make me a promise shure said Claton and Aris you must promise said the forest not to tell anyone about me the last thing i want is greedy hunters killing the dear ok said Aris and claton we promise then they both disapeared and were in there beds Claton dodnot remember what happend but Aris did he ruubed his eyes and awoke oh man said Aris it was all a dream one big dream then he layed down his bed something was under his pillow so Aris turned on the light and picked up an object he looked close it was a gold coin Aris smiled it was not adream he said to him self it was all real then helooked outside and saw a small fog waving at him Aris opened the window and said Dalla when will i find the garden agen you wont said Dalla but maybe just maybe it will find you.

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