The Defense Never Rests

March 20, 2008
By Andrew Scruggs, Hendersonville, TN

As soon as I entered the courtroom, apprehension swept over me. My knees began shaking, my palms became sweaty, and my eyesight was fading. I could not help it… After all, it was my first case as a Defense Attorney, and I was defending a person accused of murder.

“Geese, Isaac, you do realize that you’re not the person on trial here, right?” said Ava Reed, the defendant and my client in the case. She was a young, twenty-year-old African American woman. Although we were not related by blood, she was legally my sister, since her father had adopted me when I was ten. “You look even more nervous than me, and I’m the one going on trial!”

“N-nervous? M-me? I’m not nervous at all!” I stammered.

“Right…” Ava said, while rolling her eyes. “Just remember that if you loose, I’m pretty much dead.” Unbelievably, she was able to keep a smile on her face while she said that.

“Way to boost my confidence!” I replied sarcastically.

“Hello, little brother.” Cattivo Pinnacle, my biological elder brother, said while approaching me. Although I had been named after my biological dad, who was not Italian at all, my brother had been given a fully Italian name in honor of my mother’s Italian heritage.

“Cattivo! What… What are you doing here?” It was the first time I had seen my brother in a year. I had heard rumors of him taking up the business of my grandfather, who was a Don in New York’s Italian mafia. I prayed to God the rumors weren’t true.

“Well, it’s your first trial, and I wanted to show my support, little brother.” Cattivo then looked away, however, before adding, “I’m also a witness.”


Cattivo let out a small chuckle. “It’s not like I think your clients guilty or anything, but I have to testify to what I saw. You know how it is.”

“No, I don’t know.” I mumbled, too low for Cattivo to hear.

“Isaac… One more thing before the trial starts. You do know who the prosecutor is for this case, right?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Raven Glacier.” Raven Glacier… She was supposed to be a genius at law and a well known prosecuting prodigy. It was said that she showed no mercy in courts, and would go to any lengths to prove a suspect’s guilt. She had begun prosecuting at age 20, so even though she was as old as me (24) she was much more experienced.
Soon it was time for me to enter court. Me and Ava sat at the defendant’s bench, while the prosecution, one Ms. Glacier sat at the bench opposite.
Raven Glacier seemed extremely calm and collected. She was wearing a black suit and a black skirt, complete black hair and dark eyes. The only thing not dark about her was her pale skin.
“All rise, honorable Judge Jonas presiding.” The bailiff called out as an old wrinkly man with wispy gray hair, clad in a black robe, took his place at the Judge’s seat.
“You may be seated.” The Judge said, “Your opening statement Ms. Glacier?”
“There is no doubt that the defendant, Ava Reed, is guilty.” Raven began, with a smirk, “We have decisive evidence, decisive witnesses, and a sufficient motive. What more could you ask for?”
“Hmm, yes. I expected nothing less of you. Isaac Pinnacle!”
“Y-yes, your honor?” I had broken out in a cold sweat.
“You are a rookie, I see. I want you to know that this isn’t like some mock trial! The defendant’s life is in your hands! I hope you understand that.”
“R-right…” I was doing my best not to faint on the spot!
“Yeah, my life is in your hands Isaac, don’t blow it!”
“You are NOT making this any easier, Ava!”
“Please allow me to state the facts of the case your honor.” Raven said impatiently.
“Of course.”
“On February 10th at 12:35 a.m. Dino Rockette was murdered. Cause of death was a bullet passing through his heart.”
“Ob-objection!” I cried, trying to shake off my unease. “The autopsy report places Mr.Rockette’s death at somewhere between 12-2 o’clock! How do you know the exact moment of his death?” I actually sounded pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
“Really Mr. Pinnacle? Really?” Raven said. “Obviously I have a witness who places the exact time of the gunshot, and since death is instant as you will also find in the autopsy report, a simple series of logical deductions leads us to identify the moment of death. Even you can comprehend that, correct? Now please, allow me to continue, with no interruptions this time.”
“The bullet’s microprintings match the gun found at the crime scene.”
“Hey Isaac, what are microprintings?” Ava whispered to me.
“Firearm microprintings are like a gun’s fingerprints. Every gun has its own microprintings, and when it is fired the microprintings are transferred onto the bullet. Basically it just proves which gun the bullet came from.” I replied.
Raven continued, “The scene of the crime was in a room in Dino Rockette’s casino.”
“So the victim was the owner of a casino?” The Judge chimed in.
“Yes, your honor.” Replied Raven, annoyed at being interrupted again. “This room did not have any cameras, so there is no video footage. But as my next witness can prove, Ava Reed is the killer!”
The judge nodded, “And who do you wish to call to the stand?”
Raven smirked and looked directly at me. “Cattivo Pinnacle.” My brother took to the stand and swore an oath of truth on the bible before Raven got to do her direct-examination. “Mr. Cattivo. Please testify as to what you heard and saw on February 10th.”
“Of course.” Cattivo said, “I had gone to Dino’s casino to meet with some friends. I was walking out to leave when I passed by the room in question. As I did so I heard a loud gunshot. I was looking at my wristwatch at that moment which said 12:35. Pretty soon after that the defendant exited the room.”
“Crap,” I thought, “There doesn’t seem to be anyway around that!”
“But that’s not… Isaac, I didn’t kill anybody!” Ava said to me, now looking genuinely nervous.
“Hmm, Mr. Pinnacle, do you even want to cross-examine that? I see no room for doubt. Honestly, the jury could probably vote on this one already!”
“Um, uh,” I had to swallow hard to regain my composure. “The defense does see room to doubt his testimony!”

“Oh really?” The Judge said, “Well then, by all means tell us!”

“At the scene of the crime two bullets were found and the murder weapon had been fired twice. Yet the witness testified to hearing only one gunshot. How do we know if this was the shot that killed Dino Rockette?”
“Ha, is that the best you can come up with?” Raven countered, “That is one weak argument. Obviously the first gunshot came before Cattivo passed by the door, which is when he heard the second, fatal gunshot.”
She was right, it was a weak argument. But at this moment it was my only argument. “Even so, this raises doubt in this testimony!”
“I assume that’s the only ‘doubtful’ thing in his testimony, however. Your next witness please, Ms. Glacier.” The judge said.
“For my next witness I would like to call Ms. Lorelei Style.” Raven said as a young blond woman replaced my brother at the stand. “Ms. Style, what is it that you do for the Rockette Casino?”
“I’m a black jack dealer.” Ms. Style replied.
“Good. Please testify as to what you saw during the night of February 10th.”
“Sure thing. But first, you’ve got to understand the boss, Mr. Rockette. Every week he picks a different girl in the casino to flirt with.”
“Typical casino-owner behavior, actually.” Raven cut in.
“This week I saw him talking to the defendant. I’m guessing she was very offended to have killed him!”
“H-hey, no ones passed the verdict yet…” I said pathetically.
“Um, Ms. Glacier, what exactly were you trying to prove with this testimony?” the judge asked.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Raven said arrogantly, “To provide the court with the defendant’s motive! The victim was being sexually abused, but she put an end to that!” She finished while pointing threatingly at my client.
“Is that what really happened?” I whispered over to Ava.
“N-no… I was talking to Mr. Rockette that night, but not about that.”
“Your honor! The defense would like to argue that just because the two were talking, it does not mean that my client was being harassed!”
“Tsk,tsk,tsk.” Raven snickered.
I’ll wipe that smirk from your face! “I’d like to have the defendant testify as to why the two were talking.”
“Well? Do you consent to this Ms. Glacier?” The judge asked.
“I don’t see why not. Let’s see the defendant’s take on this matter.” Raven answered. My client replaced Lorelei Style at the witness stand. “So why were you and Dino Rockette talking?”
“W-we were talking about something from long ago.”
“T-talking about something from long ago..?” I repeated in shock, and fear.
“That was… an incredibly vague testimony.” The judge said.
“Tsk,tsk,tsk.” Raven laughed, “Don’t you see what you’ve just proven, Mr. Pinnacle?”
“Wh-what?” I asked, although I was afraid that I already knew.
“Killing over sexual harassment is a weak motive. However you and your client have just pointed out that the defendant and the victim have known each other for quite a while, plenty of time to develop a motive. Couple this with Mr. Cattivo Pinnacle’s testimony and Mr. Pinnacle, you have just proven my case!”
“WHAT?!” I had fallen right into her trap!
“Heh,heh. By the way, defendant, what was this ‘something from long ago’ all about? Just out of curiosity.” Raven asked Ava.
“W-we were talking about…” She had become very nervous and was chewing her fingernails clean off. “M-my father’s… Death.”
“What?!” Raven spat venomously, and she appeared to become very distraught. “Y-you mean Dante Reed’s murder?”
“Y-yes.” Ava replied in shock.
“Quick! What did he say to you about the murder! I need to know!”
“Ms. Glacier, I fail to see how that is connected with the case.” The judge cut in.
“P-please, a fifteen minute recess. Please.” Raven had looked away from everyone.
“Well… Is this okay with you, Mr. Pinnacle?” The judge asked.
“A recess? Why would we need a recess-“
“Isaac!” Raven aggressively said as she finally looked up to burn holes into me with a glare. It was the first time in the trial she had used my first name.
“Uh, fifteen minutes, right, fine by me!” I stammered.
“Very well then. A fifteen minute recess. However, when we return, I would like to finish this!” The judge growled.
Me and Ava retreated back to the Defense Lobby.
“Isaac! This is looking bad!” Ava gasped, tears swelling up in her eyes.
“I… I think I’ve got a hunch.”
“You think you’ve got a hunch?!”
“Heh, heh, well it’s better than nothing, right?”
“Isaac!” I heard Raven growl as she seemingly appeared from nowhere.
“I don’t remember you ever wanting anything to do with the law back in high school!” She was scowling at me.
“Yeah well, I don’t remember you ever wanting to be a demon prosecutor either.”

“Wait…” Ava jumped in, “You two no each other?”
“We went to high school together,” she said, her icy glare never faltering.
“Until that murder that destroyed all three of our lives.” I said
“That case, the murder of Dante and Vanessa Reed, cannot have anything to do with this current one!”
“But what if it does?
“Shut up, Isaac. There’s no way. Just admit that your client’s guilty.”
“You… You’ve changed Raven.”
That coy smile appeared again, “You have no idea.”
Soon after we were all called back into court. “I see the prosecution has calmed down again.” The judge said.
“Y-yes, your honor.”
“Very well. I suppose enough testimony has been provided for the jury to-“
“Objection! We have only heard testimony and have been provided with circumstantial evidence. The prosecution has yet to provide us with a single piece of decisive evidence!”
“Objection.” Raven unenthusiastically countered, “That is because the time to prevent the evidence wasn’t right. I’ll present my pieces of decisive evidence now.”
“P-pieces?” Crap, now I knew I was done for.
“First, we have the gun that fired the bullets. The defendant’s fingerprints were found on it. Secondly, we have the clothes the victim was wearing when she was apprehended, which are covered with blood. And the victim’s blood at that.”
“WHAT?!” Correction, NOW I was done for.
“Hm, very good. I see no reason to further prolong this trial. Unless the defense can find a fault with these newly presented pieces of evidence.” The judge looked straight at me.
“Uh, um, I c-can find a fault with these.” I nervously said.
“Really? And what is that?” Raven sarcastically asked.
“Uh, well…” There was nothing wrong with it! There case was perfect! Wait… that was it! “Doesn’t there seem like there’s too much evidence?”
“T-too much evidence?” The judge was shocked.
“Right now there are two fatal pieces of evidence. I’ll start with the shirt splattered with blood. Now, if there is blood on her shirt, than the defendant would’ve shot the victim at point blank range. And if she had shot him at point blank range, then burn marks would have been left on the bullet wound. I see nothing of this sort in the autopsy report! Ergo, it is impossible for her to have shot the gun when the bullet hit the victim!”
“Wh-what? Then how are you saying the blood got there?” Raven was going on the defensive, which was very good for me.
“Exactly. The blood would have to have been placed there by someone else. Someone who would have also curled the defendant’s fingers around the gun! Someone who would have to be the real killer!”
“B-but how would this ‘someone’ be able to do that?”
“Isaac…” Ava whispered to me again, “Are you going to use our trump card now?”
I thought about it a moment, and then nodded. “Ms. Glacier, yesterday I had a good friend of mine, who is also a skilled doctor, test my client for drugs. Guess what he found?”
“Traces of sleeping pills. And she is neither addicted to them nor taking them. My friend said that the only logical conclusion was that she was drugged.”
“WHAT?!” Raven screamed, “But who… Who would want to frame her?”
I could see only one logical conclusion. “My client, Ava Reed, is the heir to the Bishop family fortune because her mother’s, Vanessa Reed’s, maiden name is Vanessa Bishop!”
“The Bishop family fortune? I’ve heard of that! The Bishops have millions!” The judge exclaimed.
“Billions, actually.” I said.
“But…” Raven was very shaken up, “That means that this case would have to be connected to the-“
“-murder of Dante and Vanessa Reed, yes.” I finished, as the spectators in the courtroom broke into murmurs.
“Order! Order!” The judge thundered while slamming his gavel upon its stand. The entire court fell silent. “These are… interesting new facts that the defense has proven. I order both the prosecution and defense to look further into the matter of this case. Until tomorrow, this court is in recess.” The judge finished by banging his gavel once again.
Afterwards, Ava went back into detention and I went back to my house. However, soon after I would have to get to work investigating for the next day in court. At the moment, it was four o’ clock, so I had the rest of the night to investigate and find the decisive evidence that would prove, without a doubt, Ava’s innocence.
The first stop in my investigation was to head straight to the crime scene. There the head detective, Jet Smith was conducting his own investigation.
“You!” He shouted when he saw me, “You’re the one who poked a whole in our perfect strategy!”
“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that. Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me out. I need the case file for the trial of Bruto Galleani.”
“You mean the guy who was accused of killing Dante and Vanessa Reed?”
“Dante Reed was a good friend of mine, and probably the best defense attorney I’ve ever seen.”
“He adopted me, you know. And the defendant in this case is his daughter.” I pointed out.
“Yeah, I was against arresting her, by the way. I guess I can help you out just this once. For him.” He looked very sad behind his blonde hair and brown eyes. “But don’t tell anybody! It’s my job on the line!”
“So I can count on you to get me the case file?” I asked.
“I’ll do better than just that. I’ll get you the case file for Bruto Galleani’s death as well!”
“What?! Bruto Galleani was murdered?”
“You mean you didn’t know? Two years after his trial for killing the Reeds, for which he was found innocent, Bruto was killed. Nobody was ever apprehended for that case.”
“That’s definitely good to know. Thanks.” After that I left to go see my good friend Dr. Kevin Curaja. I went straight to his clinic and was immediately greeted by him when I entered.
“Hey Isaac!” He said, “How did that piece of evidence I gave you turn out in court?” He finished referring to the sleeping pills he found in Ava.
“Perfectly.” I replied. Dr. Curaja was a medium height, skinny, dark skinned man. He was wearing a traditional doctor’s scrub and a pair of circular glasses.
“By the way doc, can you help me find some older autopsy reports, from about eight years back?” I asked.
“Eight years?!” He was taken aback a bit, but then continued, “Hm, maybe. It depends on where the autopsy was performed. Dare I ask why?”
“I believe that both the killing of Dante and Vanessa Reed, and Bruto Galleani’s death are connected to this case. But I’ll need some extra ammunition to prove it in court tomorrow.”
“Really? That’s definitely interesting. Anyway, I’ll see what I can find. I’ll try and get them to you before the trial tomorrow. Also, before you go, I’ve got Bruto Galleani on some of my old records and can tell you where he used to live.”
“Perfect!” I exclaimed as he wrote Bruto’s old address down for me.
“I heard that he live in some old apartment that no one’s moved into sense he left. Maybe there’ll be some clues left?”
“Hopefully. Thanks, doc!” I said as I walked out of the door.
“Least I can do to help Ava!”
I immediately headed to the address Kevin had given me. On the way there, I reflected on what I knew about Bruto. Back when he was accused of killing the Reeds, It was all over the tabloids that he was a hit man employed to the Italian mafia. In fact, this was the same mafia that my biological grandfather was a don in. They had said that the mafia was attempting to steal the Bishop’s money by killing the Reeds. So then, why was Bruto killed? Was he killed because of that case, or because of something else?
I entered his apartment to find it was old and run down, with the wall painting scratched up in places and water dripping from the ceilings. Actually, the entire building it was in was dilapidated, and all the apartments were abandoned. His particular apartment smelled faintly of tobacco.
I began by searching through all his dwarves, although there was hardly anything to be found. In the end, I came out with only one item that seemed important, a small, black, leather notebook. Then the door to his apartment opened and someone entered.
“Ugh, I was hoping I wouldn’t find you here Isaac.” It was Raven. “What are you doing?”
“Uh, investigating?” I sheepishly said.
“Let me guess. You’re going to try and connect his murder to this case.”
“It very easily could be his death that is the motive in Dino Rockette’s death! I’m sure you know all about the rumors of Mr. Rockette dealing with the mafia.” I rebuked.
“That…is impossible. Do you want to know why?” She continued without letting me answer, “I have held this in for four years. But tomorrow, to prove Ava’s guilt, I might come out and say it to the whole world. I killed Bruto Galleani.”
“Wh-what?” I whispered.
“Remember, in the trial of Bruto Galleani I was the main witness. I saw him kill the Reeds right in front of my eyes. And I was only sixteen years old…” Tears swelled in Raven’s eyes, “Yet because of some incompetent prosecutor Bruto was set free! Can you believe that? I went into a depression for the next two years. Then, one day, the perfect opportunity presented itself. I met Bruto Galleani in an ally. And then my body simply moved on its own.”
“Th-that’s impossible!”
“You may not believe me Isaac, but that’s only because you are a fool. I have proof of what I’ve done. Namely, the knife I used to kill him.”
“Raven.” I said firmly, “You couldn’t have killed anyone! I…I’ll prove it!”
She looked away from me, “You’re an idiot, Isaac. Get out of my sight.”
And then, without another word I left the building. What the heck was going on? I had to figure more out about Raven and the few years before she went into law school. And the only person I knew who could help me with that was her mentor, Damien Arbiter.
Mr. Arbiter lived in a massive house in a neighborhood full of equally massive houses. It actually took some courage to go up to the door and knock on it.
After going through quite a few maids and a single butler, I got an audience with Mr. Arbiter. This man was extremely imposing, even though he was very old. He was also blind.
“Mr. Arbiter, I’m here investigating a case and I need to know more about when Raven Glacier became a prosecutor.” I said, after I had introduced myself.
“Ah, yes, my protégé. Took her only two years to complete law school, you know. She is a genius, and is doing an excellent job as my successor I’d wager. She’s never lost a case, either.”
Never lost a case? Was that even possible? “Yes, but I need to know about the few years before she got into law school.” I asked.
“Well, I don’t know too much about those, but what I do know is that she had to go through some rehabilitation before she was accepted into law school.”
“She went to rehab? What for?”
“PCP, Angel Dust.”
PCP, an extremely powerful hallucegen. That would be extremely helpful. I bid farewell to Mr. Arbiter and then went back home. It was already extremely late, but before I retired I had to check one last thing. The notebook I found at Bruto’s apartment.
What I found inside shocked me. It was Bruto Galleani’s diary. It was very long, and in the end I was able to summarize its three main points: 1. Bruto Galleani was converting to Catholicism. 2. He was thinking of turning himself in for the Reed killings. 3. The mafia was not going to let him turn himself in.

“The prosecution’s opening statement, please.” The judge said. It was the final day in court, and I had received the case files and autopsy reports that I had asked for right before it began. Today would have to be an all out battle to prove my client’s innocence.
“The prosecution is still convinced that Ava Reed killed Dino Rockette. To prove this, we would like to provide one final witness.” Raven said, as calm and collected as ever.
“Yes, and who is it?”
“Mr. Cattivo Pinnacle.”
As my brother took to the stand, I whispered over to Ava, “Remember that hunch that I had?”
“Yeah…” She whispered back.
“Well I’m going to act on it, and it better work or were finished.”
“We’re probably finished anyway, Isaac.”
“Please testify,” Raven began, “As to why the defendant could not have been knocked out during the time of death.”
“Of course.” My brother seemed happy. “When I walked by the door, I heard the gunshot. Almost immediately afterward the defendant exited-“
“Wait a minute!” I cut in, “Do you remember what she was wearing when she exited? You know, to make sure you saw her and whatnot.”
“Uh, well she was wearing a sleeveless black shirt, if that’s what you mean.”
“Objection!” I cried, “And with that one statement I’ll turn this case on its head!”
“The only thing around here that’s been turned on its head was you as a child, Mr. Pinnacle.” Raven spitefully remarked.
“Ms. Glacier, do you recall what shirt Ava was wearing when she was arrested?”
“Yeah, It was a sleeveless black shirt- Urk!” She sounded like she was in pain.
“I see you realize my point.”
“This shirt… It’s covered in blood!” Raven exclaimed, and then Cattivo made a hissing noise.
“How do you explain that, brother?” I asked.
“W-well, you see…” he began, “I really never saw anything! Ms. Glacier told me what to say!”
“Ms. Glacier!” The judge gasped in shock.
“B-but, that’s a lie!” Raven nervously rebuked, “I never told him to say that! I swear it!”
“Objection!” I shouted, “Cattivo, I know you and I know Raven. Don’t try to pass the blame to her!”
“B-brother? Wh-what?” Cattivo spat. He was very angry.
“The defense would like to formally accuse Cattivo Pinnacle for the crime!”
The judge slammed down his gavel, “Mr. Pinnacle, you better have some serious evidence to back up your claim! Because if you don’t…”
“You’ll be held in contempt of court, dear brother.” Cattivo finished.
“Oh, the defense has plenty of evidence. First, I’d like to provide his motive.” I handed over the case files for the trial and killing of Bruto Galleani, “All three of these cases are connected, and I can prove it!”
“Oh you can?” Raven smirked, “And how do you hope to do that?”
“With this notebook.” I showed her the notebook I found in Bruto’s apartment. “This is Bruto Galleani’s diary. Inside you’ll find that he mentions two names. He names Dino Rockette, and tells about he masterminded the operation to steal the Bishop family fortune. Also, he names a certain mafia hit man who was watching and keeping tabs on him. He names him as Cattivo Pinnacle.”
“Urk!” Cattivo gasped, “Brother… why are you doing this to me?!”
“Cattivo… I’ve always felt something evil hanging around you… Now I know what that is!”
“Objection!” Raven calmy said, “So let me get this straight… You think that the witness killed Bruto Galleani, and then Dino Rockette?”
“Y-yes.” Was she doing what I think she was?
“Hm, too bad. Your Honor, may I testify too the court?”
“A-about what, Ms. Glacier?”
“About how I killed Bruto Galleani of course.”
“WHAAAAAT?!” The Judge shouted out, and just then I heard Cattivo break into a barely audible evil laugh. “Do you object to this, Mr. Pinnacle?” The judge, still in shock asked.
“No, not at all.” I replied, even further shocking the judge. I was surprised he had not had a stroke by now, considering how old he was.
“Good.” Raven said as she sat in the witness’s stand. “Shall I begin?’
“Of course!” The judge said, “I… guess.”
“It was in a back ally that I came across Bruto. He immediately noticed me as the witness in his own trial. He then began taunting me about how he really did kill the Reeds. He was an evil man, so I took my knife and-“
“Stop right there, Raven! Remember this diary? Bruto was converting to Christianity and was feeling guilty for murdering the Reeds! Somehow I doubt he’d be taunting you about how he killed them!”
“But he did! I saw him do it with my own eyes!”
“Also,” I continued, not paying any attention to her, “Apparently you never saw the autopsy report for how he was killed. In his autopsy report, it says that he was stabbed twice, both into the same wound, making the wound unable to be matched to a knife! Oh, and the second time he was stabbed was after he was already dead!”
“Wh-what?!” Raven was on the brink of falling apart, “But I killed him! I know I did, I saw my hands stick the knife into him with my own eyes!”
“Hm, well then it’s a good thing your eyes can’t be trusted. Because you, Raven, were taking a certain drug at that time, correct?”
“H-how did you?”
“Namely, PCP, an extremely powerful hallucagen. You must have stumbled upon Bruto’s dead body while high, and the shock of seeing it triggered an illusion. An illusion powerful enough to convince yourself that you killed him!”
The entire courtroom broke into murmurs, which only seized when the judge slammed down his gavel and shouted out, “Order! Th-that actually makes more sense than Raven’s testimony!” He confessed.
“S-so?” Cattivo had replaced Raven at the witness stand. Raven had resumed her place at the prosecutor’s bench. “This has nothing to do with me!” He shouted.
“Objection!” This would be my final objection! I would end this now! “Cattivo, in Bruto’s dairy he specifically names you as the hit man keeping tabs on him. This directly links you to him and his murder! I’m sure that’s enough to convince the police to look into you. And they WILL find something out about you eventually!”
“You… I thought you were my by brother! But now you’re destroying everything! EVERYTHING! I controlled every corner of the mafia! Most people thought I was just some hit man, but I was the mastermind! I was behind all the dons! I was the mafia’s leader! Everyone feared me! ME! ME! ME!” And my brother ended it by slamming his head down onto the witness stand, knocking himself out.

“Mr. Cattivo Pinnacle has confessed to this crime and various others.” Raven said, with her signature smirk. “We’re holding him in custody at the moment. And I’ll make sure he gets the guilty verdict he deserves. After all, it’s his fault that for the past four years I’ve lived in complete guilt.”
The judge nodded. “Yes… That man has done some very evil things. Isaac Pinnacle!”
“Y-yes, your honor?” I replied.
“Those were some amazing logical deductions you made in court today. And for your first time, no less!”
“Heh, heh, thank you, your honor.”
“Yeah Isaac! That was amazing! You saved me!” Ava said, being hardly able to contain her happiness.
“Yes well, the jury does not even need to vote on this one. Without a doubt, the defendant Ava Reed, is:

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