I Woke Up...

I woke up in the living room down stairs. Its pitch black and i can't see anything. I know that if i wait a few minutes my eyes will adjust to the absence of light and i will be able to make things out better. I stare up at the clock that i know is sitting on the shelf. I can't read the read the clock so i squint my eyes and try to make out the shadows for what they are. I believe that it is 2:30 in the morning. I'm not quite sure how I got to the living room, that last thing i remember is lying in my bed and turning off the radio. I notice that nothing is missing or broke so i must have made my way down here myself. My eyes are starting to adjust but it is still very hard to see. The only light source i have is coming in through the window with each car that passes, the only problem is that there are very few cars out at this hour. As i make my way around the room i try to remember where everything is, the coffee table, chair, couch, and the TV cabinet. As i walk through the room i rub my hands along everything that i pass, i don't want to accidentally knock something over and make loud noises. Just before i get to the door way i start to smell something. Its the smell of food. Barbecue sauce cooking in an oven. I wonder who would be cooking or if I'm just imagining the smells.

As i walk through the door way i notice a little object sitting on the floor by the window. There are certain glares coming off of it. Shades of reds and yellows and blues. The only problem is that i don't see a source for these colors. I walk over to the object as i near it the colors stop reflecting. I pick it up try to examine it. Its hot to the touch but its cold at the same time. Heavy for its size but no more than five pounds. Its a round piece of glass mounted onto a square piece of metal. The glass is smooth and flawless. The metal though is rough with dents and shards of metal sticking out. I wonder if the metal is some type of defense mechanism? Built to protect the seemingly perfect piece of glass which might house the flashing light.

The piece of glass reminds me of when i was young and my family went to the ocean. While i was playing in the sand I found a glass ball. The ball was perfect, no flat spots, no scratches, it was perfectly clear. I asked my dad where it came from and he told me of how when lighting strikes sand, glass is made. I took the ball out into the water with me. I held onto it as tight as i could, i didn't want anything to happen to it. Then when i was about twenty-five feet out i heard a noise. It was a loud, high pitched whistle. Then within the next thirty seconds something grabbed my leg. It might have been an animal, or just something in the water but i scared me so much. I dropped the glass, but i didn't care. I just wanted to get back to shore.

As I swam back to shore I remembered a time when I was five. We were at the public swimming pool and a couple of kids told me that I had to jump into the deep end. I was afraid as I walked closer to the edge. My toes wrapped around the rough, sharp edges of the concrete border. I could smell the chlorine. As I prepared to jump in, I took two deep breaths. Then I jumped. There wasn't much force when I hit the water. My body broke the plain with ease. The water was smooth and soft. I fell deeper and deeper until I finally touched the solid pointy ground. I bent my knees and thrust my self to the surface. As my head returned above water I returned to the beach. I started panting for air. I felt as if I were about to drown. I am paddling with all my might. Struggling to survive.

As I whaled around in the water I stepped on a small ball. I realized that I was no longer drowning so I bent over to pick it up. It was the glass ball that I had lost when I was bitten. That's when it came to me. Both times that I have seen this ball or remembered it, I was about to drown. I have to get rid of this glass object.

I run out the door and face the beach in my back yard. With all my might I reared back and threw the glass globe of death into the water. I guess its back where it belongs now. Maybe I'll be able to live the rest of my life peacefully.

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