The Big Race

March 18, 2008
By Turner Bronstein, Park City, UT

There it was in all of its glory, designed from the design of a jet fighter; the Lamborghini Reventòn was driving down the street, getting ready to sign in for the big race. Driving this magnificent car was a man by the name of Larson Speed, and yes that was his real name. This was no ordinary race. This was the biggest race in the state of California. This was the Lamborghini Speedway Christmas Race. This race is a public entry race that takes place on your choice of an oval track, a grand prix track, or both.

The Reventòn is admittedly not the fastest car in the world but it is probably one of the most expensive. Lamborghini only made 20 of these magnificent cars and they are priced at over $1.5 million. Because of the fact that there are only 20 of these beautiful cars in existence everyone crowded around it. As Larson got out of the car to sign up everyone wanted to ask him questions about the car like: “How fast does that go?” And “There are only 20 of those why would you risk getting in an accident?”

As well as this reventòn there were three other Lamborghinis that were going to join the race; two Gallardo’s and a Murciélago. There were also three Ferraris.

As the clock ticked nearer to starting time the cars and their drivers lined up in the starting positions of the oval track. The Reventòn was starting in the third position because he was the third to sign up for the race. Swish, swish, the starting flag swung in a figure eight motion and the cars where off.

Considering the fact that the Reventòn goes 0-60 in 3.8 seconds it passed the Mustang that had started in the second position in no time. As Larson caught up to the first place car, the Lamborghini Murciélago, the Murcièlago sped up and gave Larson a very hard time. Around the first curve, they were on the straight away and Larson was picking up speed. The Reventòns top speed is about 211 mph so on the straight away it finally passed the Murcièlago. Around the second turn and he was pulling away really quickly when all of the sudden he looked in his rear view mirror and saw one of the Ferraris catching up to him. He gunned it and hit 204 mph but the Ferrari was staying close on his tail so he dropped a gear and got to 208 mph, this gave him just the boost he needed and he pulled away around the next turn. 50 laps in, Larson was starting to catch the last place stander, which was a BMW. On the 53rd lap he finally caught and passed him. On the next straight away he passed the second to last stander, which was a Porsche. Lap after lap after lap he made the left turns and on the 150th turn he finally saw the finish line and crossed it.

He had been victorious and had beet the second place winner by 3.7 seconds. The prize was $2,000, a free membership for a year to the speedway, and a ride with NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon.

After the race Larson went to the store and celebrated the win by buying his family a 57 inch TV and a home theatre. He also bought his kids an Xbox 360 and Rock Band.

The next year he won it again and this time one of the prizes was a free practice with the NASCAR pros. When he was out with the pros, a team owner saw him and signed him to the team. He became one of the top racers and won title of fastest rookie.

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