March 18, 2008
By Bridgette Salatin, Harrison, OH

She was about to burst like a balloon. School seemed as if it would never let out. She kept staring at the clock, watching every millisecond pass by. Drumming her fingers across the smooth desk surface, taking a glance every so often at the teacher to try and concentrate on class. It was a friday, five minutes before the bell was to ring. Everytime she thought she had a grip on her concentration, her mind would wonder off onto different thoughts. She imagined it being summer. No school, no stress, just fun and relaxation. She thought about traveling to some far off, deserted island. It was transparent to the rest of the world. She would go there every so often in her thoughts. She fantacized about waking up in a hammock to the sound of ocean waves and sea gulls faintly in the distance. With salt slightly spraying her body. How she longed for this fantasy to come true. No care in the world, where no one else could find her. Then all of a sudden she heard a distant, but yet familiar sound. As she slowly started coming back to the classroom and her thoughts turned into reality, she realized it was the school bell.

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