The Secret Weapon

March 17, 2008
By Jake Edgar, Seneca, SC

There one was a boy named Sam. Sam was an average boy just any other boy you would meet. One of Sam’s favorite things to do was to play baseball, now Sam wasn’t the best player on the team to be honest he was really bad.

One Year Sam got a new baseball coach. About half way through the season the coach went to talk to Sam because Sam had been talking about quieting because he want getting any better.. He gave Sam a baseball bat that once belonged to the great Hank Aaron. The coach told Sam that the bat was a “secret weapon” and that he could only have it if he would stay on the team. Sam agreed and took the bat from his coach.

Over the next couple weeks Sam did nothing but practice with his new bat and became one of the best hitters in the league, but he would always give all the credit to his new bat, witch worried his coach. One day Sam and his friends were practicing, and Sam told his friends about his bat belonging to Hank Aaron and how it was a “secret weapon”. What Sam didn’t know was that the pitcher from the team Sam’s team had to play that afternoon over heard Sam talking about the bat and when Sam laid the bat down the pitcher took the bat.

When Sam realized that the Bat was gone he ran home. As the game was starting the coach asked the players where Sam was they explained to him what had happened, so he rushed to Sam’s house. When he reached Sam’s house, he found him sitting one the front porch. Sam told the coach about the bat getting stolen and how he couldn’t hit without the bat. So the coach explained to him that it wasn’t the bat that made him hit well, but all the extra practice he put in. he also apologized to Sam for letting him believe the bat was a “secret weapon”.
So the coach took Sam to the baseball game. Right when same got there it was his turn to bat. A little reluctant, Sam picks up a new bat and heads to the plate. He swings at the first pitch and misses. He swings and the second pitch and misses again. The third pitch is thrown and Sam hits a homerun over center field. Sam runs around the bases to meet his team at home. The team shouts and cheers, and Sam looks to his coach and thanks him, and the head back to the dugout.

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