You Call Someone

March 17, 2008
By Emily Morris, Georgetown County, SC

You call someone, tell them you’re leaving, tell them you love them.
You don’t think twice, you just press end. You hung up on your only true help.
You Jump in, you take a breath. You feel so much pain, like your heart is in two.
Your lung fills up; there’s no more room for air. You can’t breath.
Your tongue swells up, you feel worse than you do during allergy season.
You hate yourself for even thinking about this. Why did you pound it into your brain?
Your site is getting blurry; you can’t see much less think.
You believe your only 2 feet from the surface. You struggle to get up. You can’t.
You wave your arms and push with your legs. There isn’t much hope left.
Your hands feel air. You get a sudden burst of energy.
You push with all your might. Your arms flailing like a baby goose learning to fly.
You find there isn’t anything to grasp. Once all hope is lost, you can’t save yourself.
You slip into the deep, eyes closed, head crooked, arms and legs limp.
Your life has gone.

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