Russian Poetry in Italian

March 16, 2008
By Katya Ungerman, Boca Raton, FL

Russian poetry in Italian and he is not even trying to pronounce the words correctly. He keeps it clinical. He pronounces it as he should, I guess, with a slight inflection but deliberate lack of intonation. I wonder if he could speak it. Less academically. Less as a task that needs to be completed and more as a language. With purpose he handles it systemically and systematically. I see him abstain from emotion. Even the professor knows, I think, that his monochromatic behavior is quite without accident. I think she wonders who he’s spiting. Where did your disconnect come from? And it wouldn’t be so significant, but it is. Deliberate maltreatment of a language seems so cold. Deliberate neglect: symmetrical, geometric paintings – painted on the basis of creating a neat picture. A state of desperation to be black and white. Could his language be ascribed to something mathematical and hidden? It has to say something about somebody who quite vehemently removes himself from passion. Russian poetry in Italian and we don’t wonder why he chose the piece he did.

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