Little Star and The Beautiful Planet

March 15, 2008
By Melissa Williams, Sedalia, MO

In the beginning, there was the sun and the stars. The sun was the brightest and grandest of these creations, and so, because the stars admired Sun so much, he became their leader. In this time, these shining bodies could move about the galaxy as they wished. One day, while moving about, Sun wandered all the way out of the galaxy and into a neighboring solar system. What he saw there amazed him.
There was a beautiful green planet. Sun had never seen anything so beautiful, so he went to examine why this planet was so different and special. When he looked closer, he saw that the surface was covered with soft green creatures.
He asked the other planets in this new solar system what the fuzzy green creatures were called. They explained to Sun that the creatures were called plants and they told him that in order to live and grow, they needed special conditions that are not commonly found on planets.
This impressed Sun so much that he rushed back to his galaxy as fast as he could and told all the stars about the beautiful planet he had seen. He decided to create a planet like that in his solar system.
So Sun began to try and create the special conditions needed to grow the beautiful green plants. But making this special planet was harder than Sun had expected and he began to lose hope of ever having a beautiful planet of his own. Finally, his third try began to slowly turn green. When he looked closer, he could see the soft plants beginning to grow. He cried out in delight and called all the other stars over to look.
There was a tiny star that was much smaller than all the rest, who wanted very badly to see the beautiful new plants, but the bigger stars kept pushing her away. Growing angry, she charged as fast and hard as she could, right to the edge of the planet. But she was unable to stop herself and she tumbled all the way down through the clouds and right into the soft plants. When she looked around, she was surprised to see lots of little eyes watching her with surprise and wonder. As she wandered through the plants, she discovered there were many, many creatures roaming the ground and hiding in the beautiful plants. She decided to call these interesting creatures animals and gave each different species a special name.
Soon, she saw a baby lion who was crying. When she reached out to the lion cub to comfort him, a drop of her bright light dripped onto his nose.
Suddenly, the lion cub began to grow. He stood on his hind legs and gave a deafening roar. As he roared, the bright light from the stardrop surrounded him and lifted him into the air. The light became so bright that Little Star had to turn away.
When the light dimmed and Little Star could see again, the majestic lion was no where to be seen. In its place stood a creature unlike any Little Star had ever seen. This creature walked upright and couldn’t speak the language that little Star and the animals spoke. The new creature frightened and amazed Little Star so she hurried away. She knew it was time for her to return to the galaxy up above, so she said goodbye to the many animals and left the beautiful planet behind.
Soon enough, Little Star grew bigger and was renamed Moon because her light was brighter and more beautiful than any of the other stars. She now sits beside the beautiful planet every night and shines her bright light down on the plants and animals, watching the new creatures, which she called man. And man looks up at Moon every night and tries to speak to her beautiful face. He tries to tell her that he is sorry for frightening her on that very first day, but she cannot understand what he is trying to tell her. So he seeks everyday to show her by his good acts and gentle ways that he loves this beautiful planet just as much as she did when she first came into it as such a little, bright, magical star.

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