The Day Daddy Died

March 15, 2008
By Robyn Herbert, Wichita, KS

The day Daddy died was the day they came and took Mommy away,
Crazy, I heard them say,
Unfit mother, spat another,
When Big Brother came home and saw Daddy dead on the floor hanging from the boards above my bed he started yelling at Mommy,
Stop it Jimmy, I cried, it’s not Mommy’s fault,
That’s when Mommy got mad, she hit Jimmy with a knife, and he fell to the floor, holding his face
Mommy screamed at me to “Git” and hit me with the knife, too
Now my tummy’s bleeding and some scary men are wrapping it in toilet paper.
The scary men rode with me in a square car with a loud whistle to a big building that smells funny, Mommy didn’t come.
The men ran me into a green room where they put another baggie over my mouth and it made me sleepy. When I woke up Grammy and Grandpap were there, Grammy was crying.
Then the lady in who was in the green room came in, she was wearing a big white shirt that went all the way down to her knees. She stopped and put her hand on Grammy’s shoulder and said something quietly. Then she walked over to me and took the itchy thing out of my hand, then she took a tube out of my mouth and took some things off my chest that hurt a little, and she looked at me all sad and brushed her hand over my face, making my eyes close. Finally she pulled the scratchy white sheet over my head and said, “Two-o-three AM.” She slipped a funny thing over my toe before she left. The day Daddy died, was my third birthday.

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on Aug. 16 2010 at 4:41 pm
brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
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umm, wow. I love it! It also makes me sad though that it ended that way, but thats what makes it great. I actually felt emotion! Keep writing, and you think you could check out some of my poem??? Thank you! <3

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