March 14, 2008
By Samantha Cronrath, Gilbersville, PA

“Jacklin, it's time to get up.” hollered Jacklin's mom, Sarah Frostly. She had shoulder length light brown hair, and light green eye's. as she walked into Jacklin's room to put her laundry on her desk.
“Mom how many times do I have to tell you, it's Jackie not Jacklin!” exclaimed Jackie as she sat up. Jacky was 13years old with shoulder length black hair, gray eye's tinted with dark red, and slightly shorter then normal hight. “And besides that what time is it?”
“It's 5:00 and your bus is coming at 6:00 so don't start complaining to me about getting up this early, you're the one that got your-self kicked off the other bus.” said her Mom in a snippy tone, “I don't know why you couldn't just get along with the kid's on the bus.”
“How many times do I have to tell you it's not my fault!” exclaimed Jackie “He was the one who was calling me frosty the ice queen! I mean if he's going to insult me he should at least come up with something half decent!”
“Whether or not that's true, you should have tried to work out your problems instead of getting in a fight.” declared her Mom with a disappointed voice.
“Once again I'll tell you I didn't start the fight, I only joined in when that jerk hit Fred.” said Jackie as she got her clothes.
“Well if that's the case you should choose your friends more carefully!” said her mom, as she walked out of the room.
“Whatever! You don't understand,” said sighed Jackie quietly as she headed to the bathroom.

After Jackie got out of the finished her shower (which took a lot more time then she hoped it would), she ran down stairs dressed in her normal outfit (black jeans and a tee-shirt with a heart and the words “you break it you buy it” and lighting bolt earing's) and grabbed her back-pack and a breakfast bar and raced out the door to the bus stop. She made it just in time to get on the bus.
“Cutting it a little close aren't you Ms. Frostly?” Asked the bus driver as she closed the doors.
“Hey I'm here aren't I?” Asked Jackie with a smirk on her face as she sat down next to her friend Fred.
“Just barely.” said the bus driver as she started the bus.
“So why are you so late?” asked Fred. Fred was an almost 14 year old boy, he had dark brown hair with blond streaks, with dark blue eye's and was normal hight for a teenage boy, making Jacky seem even smaller which annoyed her to no end. Fred was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt with the words “genius by birth, slacker by choice” written on it.
“I had to take a 'my mom's so annoying and she would probably blame world hunger on me if I gave her the time' shower.” Said Jackie with an annoyed look on her face.
“That's a long name for a shower.” Joked Fred, Jacky just gave him an annoyed face. “Ok, not in a joking mood today. What's wrong Jackie?”
“Nothing my mom's just still on my case about the fight last week. I tried to explain it was not my fault, but she wouldn't believed me.” Said Jackie in a voice that meant she was going to scream soon.
“Well you know parents,” said Fred with a sigh, “they're always going to blame us.”
“Yeah I know. I just really hate it.” said Jackie as she reached into her bag and grabbed her breakfast bar.
“Oh yeah, before I forget, here.” said Fred as he handed her a McDonald's breakfast sandwich. “That should make you feel better.”
“Yes! Your a hero! There should be a monument to you.” said Jackie excitedly as she grabbed the sandwich.
“Yes, they'll call the monument 'the keeper of the egg mcmuffin'” said Fred sarcastically
“Hey you're the one who brought the sandwich.” said Jackie as she started eating it.
“I guess your right.” said Fred giving up.
“Of course I'm right, I'm always right.” said Jackie with a in-dignified look on here face.
“Sure your are. Oh before we get to school, who are you today?” asked Fred with a smirk on his face.
“What do you mean 'who am I today'” said Jackie getting mad.
“Well I named your moods.” said Fred as he started hiding behind his back-pack
“Oh really? What did you name them?” said Jackie with a look that made Fred wish he had more then a back-pack between them.
“Well your normal mood is Jackie, when your acting more like a guy then normal, your name is Jack, and when your really angry your name is Jackal.” said Fred trying to hide even more behind his back-pack.
“Hey Fred I have a question for you. Do you want to die?” Said Jackie very angrily as she tried to figure out the best way to make him beg for mercy.
“I guess I deserve that, but I got your mind off your mom for a little bit didn't I?” asked Fred in very small voice.
“I guess you did.” said Jackie with a sigh as she gathered her back-pack in her arms. “I hate it when you're right. Anyway we're at school now.”
“Fun! Another day of classes, and books.” said Fred as he got his back-pack and got off the bus with Jackie.
“Don't forget jocks and cheerleader.” said Jackie with a sarcastic smile and happy voice. “Today's going to be so much fun.”

As they walked into the school they could tell it wasn't going to be a good day. As they walked up the stairs Fred tripped and fell pretty much on his face, and when they got to their lockers Jackie realized that she left her math home-work on her desk last night. When the bell rang they said good-bye and left to go to their different classes, neither of them in a good mood.
“Hey what's wrong frosty, you cold?” said Mark Rexen (the kid she beat up), Mark had blond hair, green eye's, and he was normal hight. He was wearing blue jeans, and a dark blue shirt.
“What's your problem Rexen? You want another beatin'?” said Jackie with a fed-up voice and a look on her face that said she would do it.
“Please, the only reason you were able to even hit me was because I let you, and the only reason I hit you so softly was because I felt pity for you, I mean your face is so ugly as it is.” said Mark as his friends started laughing.
“Yeah, and the only reason your still alive is because my parents told me not to hit girls, I figured with the way you act and the way you punch you were close enough.” Said Jackie with a smirk. “now if you excuse me I have to get to class.”
“One day ism going to get you back!” Yelled Mark as Jackie walked away.
“Whatever you say Rexen” said Jackie as she walked away.
After that was over, Jackie went to math class which didn't go to well since she left her home-work at home. After math class was over Jackie went to art and science classes which went better then her first class. Then she had lunch and finished her school day.

After school was over Jackie and Fred (who joined her in her classes after lunch) got on their bus and went to their homes. When Jackie got home she went to her room to start her Home-work, when the phone started to ring.
“Hello, frostly residents may I ask who this is?” Asked Jackie when she answered the phone.
“Yes you may ask, it's your Father.” Said the voice on the other side of the phone.
“Oh, hey dad, why are you calling?” Asked Jackie in a surprised voice.
“What your own father can't call and see how you're doing?” Asked her father in a hurt voice.
“Not when you haven't done so in two months.” Said Jackie with a smirk. “Like I asked before, what do you want?”
“I just wanted to see how the mission's going.” said her Father with a sigh. “how are the um, the customers?”
“There fine, mom's getting on my nerves but that's it.” said Jackie an annoyed voice.
“Yes well I told you, you were going to put up with that. How is everything else going?” asked her father in a frustrated tone.
“They're good, I got into a fight with a kid on my bus but that's it.”Said Jackie “And just so you know I kicked his butt”
“Should I be glad or mad that you can beat guys up.” Asked her Father with a laugh.
“I guess you should be-.” said Jackie “Crap, mom's home, I have to go.”
“Ok I understand, Just be sure that you do your job right.” Said her Father in a commanding tone. “You know what will happen not only to the client but to you if you fail.”
“Yes I know Dad now I have to go.” said Jackie in a rush. “Love you bye.”
“remember, what they can do to you is worse then death. I know that they are in the area so be very careful, I don't want to lose the you or the client, and be careful of the other agents there not all on our side, take care bye.” Said her Father as the line went dead.
“Yes Dad I'll be careful, but try to promise me the same.” whispered to her self, as a tear ran down her face.

“Who was that Jacklin?” Asked her mom, as she walked in the door.
“just a friend from school.”Said Jackie as she turned to face her mom.
“It better have not been that Fred kid, I don't want you in contact with him.” said her mom as she walked through the hallway and into the kitchen.
“What now I'm not aloud to even talk to him? Why this isn't fair?” Jackie said loudly as she followed her mom.
“Because I do not what my daughter hanging out with a boy who gets in so much trouble and ends up getting her in trouble with him.” said her mom in a angry tone.
“You want trouble? You haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.” Yelled Jackie in a dead serous tone.
“Don't you dare threaten me! In case you happen to have forgotten I'm your mother and you will treat me with respect!” said her mom as she walked away. “I swear your just like your father!”
“I hate her, I hate her, I hate her!!!!!!” cried Jakie working on up to a scream as she got up to her room. “Why can't she just leave me alone?”
After Jackie finished her one way screaming match, she did her homework, ate dinner, and went to bed. The next day she woke up and just made it to the bus stop before it left.
“Still cutting it close aren't you?” asked the bus driver with a smirk.
“Yes, but I'm still here aren't I?” asked Jackie with a sneer
“What's your problem today Jackie?” Asked Fred
“Nothing! Just leave me alone ok?” snapped Jackie
“Fine whatever.” Muttered Fred, so they road the rest of the way to school in quietness. When they got to school they got off the bus and went inside the school.
“Hey Ice Queen isn't it a little warm for you today?” asked Mark Rexen
“Hey Mark. Some one's in the principals office to see you.” yelled some kid
“Yeah thanks,” said Mark as he headed off to the principals office. “This isn't over Ice Queen.”
“Ah crap,” said Jackie as she followed Mark. “Hey Rexen don't go in there.”
“Why not, it's not like some ones going to shoot me or something.” Said Mark as he walked threw the doors.
“Hands over your head, now!” yelled some guy with a mask on his head and a gun in his hand.
“Yeah right,” said Jackie who now had a gun in her hand that was pointed at the man.
“What the heck is going on here?” Yelled Mark as he was, at this point, freaking out.
“Mark get behind me right now.” said Jackie as she kept here eyes on the masked man. “Lower the gun or you'll regret it.”
“I'll regret it? Look little girl I don't know who you think you are, but I'm the one in charge here.” sneered the Man with a smile.
“Mark when I say go run, got that?” whispered Jackie as she began to lower her gun.
“Yeah got it.” whispered Mark
“Ok, GO!” yelled Jackie as she raised the gun and shot right next to the man. Jackie and Mark started running down the hall as fast as they could. They got out of the building and behind a old shed to hid for a moment to catch there breath.
“Do you think we're safe yet?” Asked Mark as he caught his breath.
“Not even close Rexen.” said Jackie as she also caught her breath.
“Hey, do you hear that? I think some one's coming here.” Whispered Mark getting panicked again.
“Ok just stay calm, I'll see who it is.” Answered Jackie as she turned around, took her gun out and faced it at whoever was coming near them. “Hands up in the air now!”
“Jeez Jackie, stop pointing that stupid gun at me or I'll make you regret it!” Said some boy with a smirk on his face.
“Oh, it's just you Dimitri. I don't think I've ever been happier to see you.” said Jackie as she gave him a hug.
“What happened? Why do you have your weapon out in front of a norm.?” Asked Dimitri looking really worried.
“First this isn't a norm. he's Rexen, second I don't know about you but I was taught not to let my client be hit by a slug!” snapped Jackie as she took a deep breath.
“Wait, what happened someone was trying to hit him with a slug? In a school? Why would they do that?” Asked Dimitri looking shocked.
“Well actually a school is the perfect place, there is a lot of people and they would have no idea what who it was.” Said Jackie
“Could some one tell me what's going on please!” Asked Mark looking very frightened.
“Your father realized that in his particular line of work he makes a lot of enemy's so he hired some of our agents to protect you.” Said Jackie with a sigh.
“So I ended up with a 13-year old body-guard? How is that fair the people in the movies always get adults!” Whined Mark looking upset.
“The people in the movies also get Kevlar vests! Do you see me wearing a Kevlar vest? No you don't so be quiet!” seethed Jackie looking ready to punch him.
“Well, well, well look who we have here?” Said a man with the mask as he raised the gun and shot at Mark. Jackie heard the gun go off and pushed Mark to the ground in the process getting herself nicked in the arm.
“AH CRAP THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Jackie as she fell. As soon as she fell she got back up and pointed her gun at the masked man as he walked away.
“Hey what's going on Jackie?” asked Fred as he walked over to them. “Who were those guys?”
“It's not important right now, come on guys we have to go.” Said Jackie as she started walking away.
“Where are we going?” asked Fred and Mark at the same time.
“That's not important right now, just follow me!” Snapped Jackie as she continued walking, after they walked for a while she stopped in an ally way and pulled out her gun. “Ok Fred, get on the ground now, put your hands behind your head, if you don't I'll make you regret it.”
“Jackie what do you mean? Why do you want me to get on the ground.” Asked Fred cautiously.
“Do it now or you'll wish you had never been given this job.” Said Jackie pointing the gun. “I swear you'll regret it.”

“So some one finally figured it out.” said Fred with a smirk.
“Please, I've known since the beginning.” said Jackie as she put the gun down and lowered her self into a fighting stance.
“So if you've known all along, why wait till know to make your move?” Asked Fred who was also beginning to take his stance.
“Haven't you ever heard? Keep your friends close and your enemy's closer.” Said Jackie who was now the one smirking.
“Of course I have why else would I have been hanging out with you?” said Fred, “you're rather boring.”
“WHAT!!” Screamed Jackie, “ You befriend me to get what you wanted, doing a very bad job of it by the way, and you have the nerve to call ME BORING?!?!?”
“Yes I do.” said Fred, “You are a very boring person.”
“THAT'S IT.” Screamed Jackie and she ran towards Fred. “YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!”
“You might want to Back up Mark.” Said Dimitri as he started stepping back. “She can be pretty violent when she's mad, and he just got her really mad.”
“What exactly happens when she's mad?” Asked Mark in a scared voice, and just as he said that Simon went flying onto the ground.
“That happens, only normally they fall much harder. She must be holding back.” said Dimitri as he started pushing Mark back. The fight continued until Fred was pasted out on the ground.
“Well, that was easy.” said Jackie as she picked Fred up and slung him over her shoulder and started walking towards the back of the ally. “I'll be right back.”
“Well, that was interesting.” Said Mark slightly in shock. “I didn't know there were so many places you could punch someone.”
“Yeah I wouldn't try that in a fight, the two of them were fighting very dirty.” said Dimitri as he snapped Mark out of his shock.
“I was not fighting dirty, I was fighting to win.” Said Jackie as she returned.
“What's the difference?” Asked Dimitri with a smirk.
“If I was fighting dirty, well lets just say there would be a lot more punches below the belt.” Said Jackie with a Smirk
“Wow, that was dirty and yet amazingly clean.” Said Dimitri with a surprised look on his face. “Anyway, how are you going to stop him from coming after us when he wakes up?”
“Oh, that well I don't think he'll really want to.” Said Jackie
“what did you do?” Asked Dimitri
“well, nothing really I just took his clothes, shoes, cell phone, walkie talkie and tracking devises.” Said Jackie looking evil.
“You're evil.” Said Mark who had been listening to all of this.
“Yes I am, now we better get going,” said Jackie “I put a call into headquarters so we should probably get moving to the meeting spot.”
“Yeah we probably should.” said Dimitri as they started walking. They continued walking for a few hour until they got to a woods.
“This town has a woods?” Asked Mark in a very shocked tone.
You've lived here how long?” Asked Jackie
“about 13 years.” Said Mark
“And you didn't know there was a woods here?” Asked Jackie
“Be quite.” Snapped Mark as they continued walking through the woods.

They continued walking for an hour till they got to the meeting place.
“Well I guess all we can do know is wait.” Said Jackie as she sat down.
“Well, well, well look what I found A little girl and her friends.” Said a masked man
“Why don't you just back off.” Said Jackie as she got into a fighting stance.
“I don't really want to.” Said the man.
“Fine we'll just have to fight.” Said Jackie as they started fighting. The fighting continued for a half hour until the man was on the ground passes out. As the fight ended the helicopter arrived. Just as the helicopter arrived Jackie Passes out.
“Jackie, Jackie.” Yelled Dimitri as he picked her up. “Come on Mark get on to the helicopter”
“Ok.” Said Mark as they got on the helicopter and flew away.

“Were am I?” Asked Jackie as she opened her eyes.
“You're at the headquarters hospital, as you have been for the past week.” Said a voice.
“Dad?” Asked Jackie as she started to sit up. “Why are you here?”
“As I said you've been here for the past week. I've been worried about you.” Said her dad as he gave her a hug. “I'm glad you're ok.”
“Were are Mark and Dimitri?” asked Jackie
“Mark's with his father and his new permanent bodyguard, and Dimitri is back on his mission.” said her dad.
“You mean I don't have to deal with that brat any more!” Said Jackie with an exited voice.
“Yes, you will spend the next week here and then go back to school.” Said her dad. “And if the situation should arrive will you go on another mission for us?”
“Yes I will, on one condition.” said Jackie
“what's that?” Said her dad.
“Never send me to live with mom again.” Said Jackie looking completely serious.
“Yes Jackie” said her dad with a chuckle, “you never have to live with your mom again.”

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