Demon's Angel

March 14, 2008
By Ana Velazquez, Gainesville, GA

A beauty beyond compare not worthy of the mortal woman destined to die at his hand. This mortal had angered his master, by not submitting to his will and surrendering her body and soul to him. An odd feeling tugged at his long frozen heart the moment he saw her picture and looked upon her beautiful face. I know her from somewhere, he thought. The mortal woman was probably an innocent who didn’t know that she had angered a powerful wizard, but there was a possibility that she likely knew what she had done by ending her relationship with the wizard’s son, and thus angering his master.

Leila froze at the sight of her ex-boyfriend standing just outside the office’s doors, looking as if he would enter the building. The judge had ordered that he should not come twenty miles anywhere near her work, home, family, friends and her after his abuse and attempted rape of her, of which he had been found guilty, at the hearing last week. Yet, here he was entering the building, so she turned to one of the security guards that had been added after the trial, standing beside her.

“Sir, that man over there is not supposed to be in here. I have a restraining order out against him that says he’s not to come twenty miles near my job,” she informed the guard and he nodded before radioing the report in, as her ex-boyfriend came calmly toward where they were.

“Leila, I told you I’d find a way around that restraining order to get to you, see I came for you,” he called out, as he pointed a gun at her.

“Go away Roderick, it’s over so please just go and leave me alone,” she cried out, slightly afraid, searching for a chance to flee to a waiting elevator.

The back-up that the guard had radioed for finally arrived and they slowly and cautiously approached Roderick, giving her the chance to flee to the elevator that the company’s president and his wife, the head director, were holding for her. The moment the president pulled her safely inside, the director closed the door quickly with the press of the door close button. Leila was glad that the assistant director’s sister, Lorain, was a director who was protective of all the employees, and Charles, the company’s president and Lorain’s husband, had the same idea as his wife. “Good escape plan, darling,” Charles complemented his wife, as the elevator began to move up to the third floor.

“Thank you,” she responded and added, “I just couldn’t let Selene’s secretary get shot or killed by that maniac.”

Leila smiled her thanks to the two of them, as the elevator doors opened when they reached the third floor before getting off. She stopped, staring in surprise at the sight that greeted her when she reached her desk that was outside Selene’s office. There was a handsome young man, who seemed so familiar to her, standing outside Selene’s closed door, banging on the door. “Excuse me sir, but what seems to be the problem here?” she asked him cautiously.

“I asked the assistant director if I could see her secretary, a Ms. Leila von Voltaire, about something and she just kicked me out of her office saying that her secretary didn’t need to have any more reporters bothering her at the moment, and didn’t let me even explain the real reason that I want to see her for,” he complained to her, not noticing that she had put her bag on her desk and was organizing the papers and files there as well.

“I’m Leila von Voltaire, so why do you want to see me then sir,” she asked, and he looked at her in surprise.

“Oh, I am sorry then ma’am. I was asked to come out here by my boss because your lawyer hired me to be your bodyguard, since your ex-boyfriend might try to come at you even with the restraining order against him,” he answered, explaining his purpose and she looked at him fully annoyed.

“Well then, you’re a little late because Roderick was just in the lobby about five minutes ago trying to shoot me,” she snapped. He jumped at her angry retort but she ignored him and his reaction as she answered the phone that was ringing, sitting down as she did so. ‘Master, Roderick overstepped himself, almost ruining your plan,’ he sent the message to his master. ‘I know, the boy is too impatient and impulsive when it comes to dealing with her, but I’ll deal with him later when I bail him out of that place they call a jail,’ his master responded and then their conversation ended quickly when Leila hung up the phone and looked at him.

“Okay then, what is your name, since it’s likely that Roderick’s father will get him out of this mess as usual,” she asked him, tucking an unruly stand of her flame-red hair back behind her ear, “and I apologize for snapping at you earlier, you didn’t deserve it.”

“Kaito Drano, ma’am,” he introduced himself and she gave him a small smile that clearly didn’t reach her lovely emerald eyes. Leila immediately recognized him when she heard his name after two centuries of being apart from him, but she wasn’t going to acknowledge that fact to him, since she was determined to try to completely forget him even though her memory of him was etched deeply in her mind. The time they would most likely spend together would defiantly be her downfall because she knew for a fact that no matter how hard she tried to ignore the nagging feeling that crept into her heart reminding her of the fact that her impending death was coming very soon, no matter what she tried to do to prevent it.

The next two months that Kaito was in her employ, she found herself unable to keep him out of her mind every single day, even when she caught glimpses of Roderick following them in the distance but never making a move to get closer. Don’t even think about kissing him, Leila, he’s no longer the same demon you grew up with and fell in love with in the end, he’s forgotten about you already, she thought to herself, scolding herself for the fifteenth time that day. Oh, she knew who and what he was even if everyone believed that the two of them had only met two months ago, and she wished with all her heart that she had not betrayed him, getting him sealed inside that crystal chest but that was a wish that would never come true. He had forgotten her and that betrayal had been two centuries ago. Their love had ended in death when she had been killed while betraying him, only to be resurrected only to be cursed by the same man she had betrayed him to. His memory of her would remain forever blocked from his mind and it was a good idea not to restore it, because in the end they both had been tricked and betrayed by the person they had trusted the most. She had been a foolish mortal woman back then and now she was cursed to never age, share true love ever again, to see her betrayal and real death again and again in her mind, and her new impending death that was looming closer than she even realized. Her heart ached with sorrow for what had happened to him and hate for herself because of what she had done to him, her demon beloved.

Meanwhile in Selene’s office during the lunch break, Selene, Lorain and Charles met together for lunch and to talk about what they thought about Kaito, even though he had been guarding Leila for the last two months, who made the two sisters rather nervous about him being with Leila.

“I don’t like him, Lorain, he’s just too watchful and quiet when he’s near her,” Selene told her younger sister and brother-in-law.

“Why has he done something that makes you uneasy, Selene?” Charles asked her, curiously, because he was both glad for Kaito being with Leila and worried about Kaito being her bodyguard.

“No, nothing at all, it’s just I have this strange feeling that he’s going to cause Leila some pain or worse,” she answered, biting her lip worriedly as she looked at them.

“Well, you’ve never been wrong about someone causing another pain before, and when I called Leopold, since he’s her lawyer, when he returned yesterday from London, he said that he didn’t hire a bodyguard for her,” Lorain responded, telling them what she had discovered.

“If Leopold says he didn’t hire Kaito, then who did? Because there is no way your own brother would lie to either of you,” Charles asked, voicing his own concern while the three of them exchanged worried looks.

After the lunch break, Kaito watched as Leila did her work, unaware of the fact that he had been discussed about behind closed doors during the lunch break, wondering about when would be the best time to dispose of Leila and why he had the feeling that they had known each other before. Suddenly she froze and her face paled, as a far away look came to her eyes. The paleness of her skin frightened him, a cold hearted demon, and he didn’t know what to do so he placed a hand on her shoulder. A scream, her scream, came as fire burned her alive, and she kept crying out, ‘You tricked me, you said he would kill me if I didn’t give you my ring to betray him.’ Her voice was full of sorrow at the betrayal she had been tricked to do. Letting go of her shoulder, he found tears flowing down his face as a result of seeing that particular sorrowful memory of hers.

Something tugged at his mind and a memory surfaced, it shocked him as he found himself passionately kissing a woman who strangely resembled the Leila he knew now, then she pushed him back and he found himself being sealed inside the same crystal chest he had been imprisoned in for the last two centuries. ‘No, Leila, don’t do this. He’ll kill you!’ he had shouted to her but he was too late to save his beloved as blue flames began to engulf her, killing her before everything disappeared into darkness. More forgotten memories began to flood his mind, tearing through his body and he collapsed unconscious to the floor. Leila came out of her trance, in time to see him fall to the floor. She jumped up from her desk and hurrying to his side, fear for her beloved’s life coursing through her. “Kaito!” she shouted out his name and the shout brought Selene, Lorain and Charles hurrying out of Selene’s office to see what was going on and to help her.

In his office, the crystal chest containing a small ruby ring shattered and the ring vanished. The wizard became angry that his plans had been ruined; releasing his fury in a huge blast of energy into his office, while Roderick flinched in fear at what his father could do while in a murderous-rage like this.

Leila felt something warm on her right ring finger, the warmth and weight were familiar to her and tears filled her eyes with happiness and sorrow. Lifting up her hand, she looked at the familiar ruby ring; that Kaito had given to her as a gift binding his life to hers forever. The elegant ruby surrounded by the tiny diamonds set in the gold band brought back the memories of her happier life from so long ago that she had buried deep in her mind. Kaito lay where Charles had put him on her bed after he had driven the two of them to her home before leaving them alone with each other. Now, Kaito looked more like the man she betrayed as he slept; the very same demon she had grown up with and fallen in love with. Suddenly she was no longer alone with him and the hair on the back of her neck rose as she quickly turned around.

“You bitch, you dare to go back on our little bargain,” the wizard yelled at her, grabbing her throat in one hand choking her.

“Me! You’re the real traitor, tricking me into betraying the man I love,” she managed to say as he squeezed even harder, struggling to get free, but knowing it was futile since she was going to die here and now.

The wizard chuckled harshly at her useless efforts and she knew that this was her time to die after two centuries of seeing him kill her. “Goodbye, foolish woman, you would’ve been a nice addition to my menagerie, if you had obeyed me. After I rid myself of you, I’m going to dispose of your beloved while I tell him how I squeezed and absorbed the very life out of you as I kill him,” he taunted her, choking her harder.

“NO!” she cried out renewing her struggles to get free, but it was useless as her strength began to fail her.

Kaito awoke to the sound of struggling and a shout that sounded like Leila’s fear-filled voice, and he quietly got out of the bed and went to the open door. He looked out of the doorway only to find Leila fighting to breathe as she was being choked to death. She was losing, her lovely face turning blue as she continued to fight until she finally went limp from the lack of air. Anger surged through him, hate for her betrayal, but there was a small flicker of sorrow that she had suffered enough and that she was most likely already dead, hope that she still lived and loved him, and pure rage at the wizard for killing his beloved not once but twice. He lashed out with all the power he could manage, throwing it at the wizard who released her limp form before vanishing from the room with a menacing laugh. ‘Kaito better say goodbye to her now that my curse is gone because she’s going to die,’ he laughed harshly into Kaito’s mind. Kaito went to her and tenderly gathered her up into his arms, carrying her to the bed he had been in a while ago. She was so limp and pale that he was afraid that she was already gone and what was left of the hatred he held against her dwindled into nothing as he laid her onto the bed.

“Oh, my poor little angel, what did that monster do to you?” he asked her silent form before gasping in shock as her skin wrinkled and her once flame-red hair turned pure white losing the vibrant life it once held. After two centuries, her real age showed, showing the older version of herself that he had long denied himself to imagine ever when they had been together. He took one of her frail hands in his as sorrow seeped over him. “No, please tell me he didn’t curse you, please Leila, tell me it can’t be not when I finally remember you,” he wept, begging that it wasn’t true and hating his immortality over her own mortality as he bowed his head, tears flowing freely down his face.

“Kaito, you remembered me,” her softly whispered voice reached him and he lifted his head.

“Yes, I remembered everything, even the blue flames that burned you alive. He raised you from the dead didn’t he and then he…” he tried to say but his overwhelming sorrow made him unable to continue.

“Cursed me to never age and share true love with anyone, see my betrayal and first death over and over, and him killing me again for the last two centuries,” she finished for him, “it’s over now and I can finally rest in peace.”

“No, I won’t allow it, you’re going to be fine, Leila,” he told her, “You’re my angel.”

“Oh, Kaito, you can’t stop time from taking me this time and you know that. Who I was back then is no more,” she argued, fie temporally blazing in her now pale emerald eyes before going out and he stared at her, shocked that she was determined to leave him for good. He sank to his knees as her eyes fluttered close for the final time and her hand slipped from his, and then her final goodbye came to his mind, ‘Goodbye, Kaito, I still loved you in the end.’ Rage surged through him fueled by his immense sorrow and he vanished from the bedroom going straight to where the wizard was located.

The wizard and Roderick froze as Kaito’s rage hit their hideout hard. Their newly placed wards crumbled into dust when he finally appeared. “Release Leila’s life that you stole from her and maybe just maybe I’ll spare the two of you and let you live in peace,” he demanded not in the mood to make a deal with the two monsters that had harmed his angel.

“Why? You won’t be able to restore that worthless mortal’s life,” Roderick scoffed snidely at him.

“Silence, otherwise you’ll die first,” he warned but Roderick smugly thumbed his nose at him, so he quickly without remorse incinerated him before adding, “One down one to go. So are you going to hand over her life to me or not.”

“Never, I worked too hard to get her life and there’s no way I’m giving it back,” the wizard declared and he threw a fireball at Kaito.

He dodged it easily and grabbed the pulsing ruby that held Leila’s life in it from where it sat on the desk and left the now burning room, leaving the wizard to burn. He returned to Leila’s home and soon he stood in her bedroom beside the bed. He remembered how beautiful she had been so long ago and even in death she still had it even if it had faded. The ruby glowed before shattering, becoming a part of her as her body changed back to how he remembered her. Leila, I don’t care if you hate me for this but I just can’t let you go yet because I love you, he whispered into her silent mind as the ruby made her immortal. Slowly but surly she finally opened her beautiful eyes and he released the breath that he didn’t even realize that he was holding. “Thank goodness, you’re back,” he sighed, relieved, sinking onto the bed beside her, letting his tears fall once again.

“Kaito,” she just whispered his name before pulling his face down to hers. The kiss they shared wiped away all of his remaining sorrow and their lost passion from before flared back to life between them once again. ‘I could never hate you, my beloved demon because I love you too much to do that to you,’ she admitted to him and he chuckled. “Marry me Leila, I need you too much to live without you anymore,” he asked her, and since she was unable to answer him she just nodded her answer and it pleased him to know that she had said yes. They had waited along time to be together again and now they were going to be together forever.

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