Almost Cried!

March 13, 2008
By Mike Corson, New Milford, CT

One day, Ike had a tiny house like the size of a grain of rice and he was really very greedy. He just didn’t care about his family and he just always thought, “I don’t need anybody to tell me what to do.” Ironically, he was willing to help anyone with what they needed, except money!

He lived in Greenland and he always loved to go inside and outside no matter what the weather. When the snow is out there, he just stayed in his home because he was so rich!

Suddenly, Ike jumped out of bed and he said, “I have to go to work right now!” He had to do his errands such as pay his house taxes which weren’t very high because he just lived in tiny, midget house. He took advantage of earning a lot money while only paying for his miniature house! When he walked out the house, he had to put bricks near the door to prevent his pet elephants from getting through the door.

His car was very old and dusty and rusty but he used it because it had a very low insurance payment and saved a lot of money. So he drove through heavy woods all the way to work where he had to park in handicapped space because he was very late for work. He didn’t realize that he parked in that space.

When he entered the building, he saw his boss who looked like almost a hippopotamus’s size. His boss usually stayed in his office but when Ike comes in the building, his boss was always excited to see and talk with him. His boss always told him to go get his snacks for him almost every day! His boss told Ike that he wanted him to do something as a favor because Ike usually tends to be passive. His boss always ate 13 dozen donuts for breakfast and he drank a lot of coffee so he can go to bathroom often. One time, his boss was in the bathroom and Ike stole his boss’s money! Ike has to get 13 more dozen donuts for his boss’s lunch so he went to “Recession’s Donuts” which was always on sale because the store may be closed soon.

So he went back to the building where he gave the donuts to his boss then Ike went to his office because he had to work for stock traders on the computer. He stayed there for a few hours then he started to get bored. He decided to leave the building and he go to his car. He saw the parking ticket and Ike just ripped it right away because he got one every day!

The next morning, Ike jumped to his car and for the first time, he forgot to put the bricks near the door and he just rushed to his job because he was really late! Suddenly, he saw Recession’s Donuts and the sign said CLOSED! He was very surprised because that place always opened at 6 am. The roads were very quiet and mysterious and it made Ike so nervous! But many signs said, “CLOSED! CLOSED! CLOSED!” and he went to his job. No one was there and Ike felt like he would cry soon.
He went to the bank to see how much money he had but the bank said, “CLOSED FOREVER!” Ike said, “WHAT! Am I losing all my money?” He almost cried!! The world was in a depression! Ike would no longer be rich! But the thing is, he didn’t care about money any more because now he was poor.

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