One Kiss

March 12, 2008
By Carman Fowler, Bethune, SC

“I hate you!”
Those three simple words. The only words that could ever hurt me. Coming from his lips they tore my heart out and left a gaping, hollow hole. “I-I’m sorry!” I yelled out, tears streaming down my face. “I just wanted it like it used to be! Just you and me!”
I felt a sharp sting on my face. Then I realized he had slapped me. The realization only made me cry harder. “Why did you have to hurt her?!” He asked, his voice cracking. “I was happy! Don’t you want me to be happy?!”
Heavy, raindrops were beginning to fall. Hitting my face with a hard force and mixing with my tears. I fell onto my knees, my jeans ripping at force on the tough concrete. I bowed before him, my tears soaking into his already wet pants. He stepped back quickly, leaving my head to knock against the concrete. I looked up at him, blood blocking my gaze. “W-Why did you have to hurt her? Why?!!” He screamed.
I shook my head. He wanted to be happy. I couldn’t tell him. I jumped up and tried to run, only to fall down again. He sat down in front of me. “Why?” He whispered.
“I can’t tell you! You want to be happy! Go be happy and leave me!” I said and got up, not bothering to brush myself off. There was no use to try to look good if it fall on his blind eyes. I turned to walk away and was stopped. I looked at him, then at the hand that had a tight grip on my arm. “Let go of me.” I growled.
“Tell me. Why did you hurt her?”
“Let go of me, dammit!” I snapped, trying to wrench my arm out of his hand.
His hand flashed past my cheek again and I felt the sting of another slap. “Tell me!!” He roared, his face wrenching with pain and anger.
“Because I love you!!” I burst out.
I had kept that locked in for so long. Watching him with that perfect flower of a girl every day wishing that one day it would be my turn to fall laughing into his strong arms. That it would be my turn to cuddle against him under the twinkling stars and the smiling moon. That it would be my turn to steal a kiss upon those bright lips. The same kisses that evaded me even in my dreams. “It isn’t fair that someone like her can have you and I can’t. She doesn’t realize the gift that she has. That she doesn’t remember your beautiful face when she’s sneaking off with those other guys. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. How she falls all over those other guys and doesn’t care that you’re there!” I bellowed out.
He had unlocked a iron box of feelings no one but myself had been allowed to peek into and I couldn’t stop. It all tumbled out. Like someone was holding that iron box upside down and every one of it’s locks was tumbling onto the floor. “I want you more in one day than she ever could in a thousand years. I could appreciate you more in one day than she could in a million years. I could make you laugh, make you fell like the only person that matters, make you smile at the mere thought that there is someone who loves you as much as I do than she could in a billion years! I love you! I love you! I love you!” I yelled, my words echoing in my ears.
He stared at me for what felt like a thousand centuries. Then he laughed. He just stood there and laughed. His hand let go of my arm but I couldn’t run anymore. He was laughing! I found my footing and turned to go seeing that my efforts were futile. I was foiled again by running straight into his hand. It wasn’t much of a blockade. I could easily walk around. But I couldn’t move. My legs were iron, my lungs had closed up, my cracked open heart yet another aliment on my list. He walked in front of me and took my hands into his. “I’ve always loved you. From the first day that I saw you. When I saw how radiant your personality could shine. When I saw how caring you were, how amazingly intelligent you were and how open-minded you were about everything that was thrown your way. I love you too.”
He took my face in his hands and tilted it up to look at him. Those blue eyes the same color as the sky on a clear day, hair the color of gold that made up an angel’s harp, and a smile some warm it could melt the polar ice caps. His hands mixed into my wet hair. He smiled. The smile he always had on when he had just realized something. “You’re eyes are the color of jade. My favorite color.” He sighed.
He brushed my cheek and I tried not to cringe. It still stung and the fact that he had done it would make it sting for months to come. I laughed. “Man, you take forever!”
I put my arms around his neck, making him bend down. I stood taller and kissed him. Just like I always imagined it. Despite everything that had happened that evening, kissing him made it all better. Everything faded away. The tears, the rain, all the horrible memories. I didn’t want to let go. It was fixing the hole in my heart.

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