March 12, 2008
By Mikhael Nelson, Oakley, CA

Do you know someone named Nicky Taylor? Perhaps not, but just to let you know Nicky was one of the most beautiful girl that you might have ever met. She was a 13 year old middle school graduate from O'hara Park(OPS). Nicky was constantly told of how beautiful she was, but never really beleived it. You see, Nicky was one of few children who lived with The Nelsons, and since there were 12 children living with the Nelsons, they were a very poor family. So it was kinda hard for Nicky especially since she didnt know her parents. They had died long before she was at least 12. Her mother died when she was 3 because of cancer and her dad died not to long ago while driving home from work. So Nicky was put into foster care and later adopted by the Nelsons, ever since her fathers death Nicky was a bit uneven. She wouldn't talk to anyone until one day at school she met him......
He was Nick Flutcher, an exchange student from Italy. He had came to America with his Aunt Sara and Uncle Tom. His parents had also died, but because of a stoke and a broken heart. At first Nick was extremely shy and Nicky could sense it, but she dare to bother him. So Nicky started volunterring to help Nick from time to time and noticed a strong conection between herself and him. So she began to fall in love with him, and that was exzactly what he wanted. Nick isn't an average mourner or mourning person. He wanted to move to America, not just because his parents died, but because in rage, he killed his sister. And since he was getting to know Nicky and had figured out alot about her he wanted her to stop feeling so much pain and sorrow over her parents deaths. So Nick decided to ask Nicky out and she answered "Yes".

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