Love Lost

March 2, 2012
By BryannaGraham GOLD, Bellport, New York
BryannaGraham GOLD, Bellport, New York
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"إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
-Arabic Proverb

This dream again. He has been dreaming about this for 5 months. Ever since it actually happened.
The perfect dark sky with stars dancing like they're in love. I read to him a story that has been burned into my memory. He listen with great anticipation, as if he never heard it before.
He reached for my hand that was gently placed between us. I glanced down at his touch and my cheeks turn from white to red. He smiled at my embarrassment. I couldn't help but smile back.
Then a smoke appeared in thick, black clouds. A worried look came upon my face and he looked lost. I pointed towards the flames that came apparent in the smoke. He looked back and his smile faded all too fast.
He pulled me off the log and we ran deep into the forest hoping to find a way out.
His strong muscles peered through his shirt. His hair was darker in the blue moon light, and his curly locks flopped up-and-down as he ran.
The fire got closer and closer. I tripped and fell from his grasp. He stopped and started heading back. But the fire beat him to me. I screamed and I told him to go. He was shocked and heard the roaring of the fire.
I couldn't watch it anymore and watched him instead.
He twitched in his sleep. His thick brown eye-brows had beads of sweat on them. His eyes moved rapidly in his sleep. I wanted to yell 'its a bad dream, wake up' but it will do no good.
I'm famed to walk the earth. To watch people I once associated with, live, laugh and enjoy their time on earth. I can only remember mine.
He jolted and his eyes shot open. He sat up slowly and I quickly moved into the closet-as if he could see me. I peeked out the door and saw him wiping sweat from his perfect face.
I still remember those beautiful green eyes, perfect pink lips, and his thick curly brown hair. His voice was sweet and still as the night sky.
This person I left in this world alone. My soul mate, love of my life and my first, Micha.
I will never forget how his soft, creamy skin glistened that night. The few hours before my death.
Micha stood up and walked over to the window. He spoke his word soft and gloomy.
"I know you hear me, I feel you, every where I go" he continued, "don't ever go away"
He cried tears of grief, but I felt the feeling of remorse pour off of him like water from a broken dam. I build up the strength to open the door slow so I wouldn't frighten him. He turned at the creek and faced me. His facial expression changed.
"I must be dreaming" Micha said dropping his head.
I turned and grew confused. "Micha?" I asked curious.
"Amy?" He replied with a question.
"You can see me?" I asked feeling a lot less depressed.
"Yeah" he answered sadly.
All I could do was hug him. His body felt warm against mine. He slowly realized this wasn't a dream, but reality. He hugged me back tightly, like I would disappear if he let go.
"I love you, Micha" I finally said with all the pressure coming off of my shoulders.
"I love you too, Amy" he said with a passionate kiss.
I depended it. His lips faded, I pulled away. His smile faded and eye-brows closed in.
"No" he said lowly. He shook his head in disbelief, "no!"
I looked at my hands and I was complete see-through.
I floated in the air and disappeared.
Loosing my only love.

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