The Rabbit and His Journey

March 12, 2008
By Larissa Tse, Latham, NY

There once lived a rabbit and his name was Rabbit. He had a brother named Brother Rabbit; he also had a father named Father Rabbit. Rabbit’s father was quite rich. He had lots of carrots and other vegetables stored up. He could buy and trade anything he wanted to own. One day as Rabbit was hopping around, he found a log and sat on it. He thought about his life now and found it was not satisfying enough. So he found his father and said, “Father Rabbit, please give me my share of the vegetables.” Father Rabbit’s heart broke, but he gave his son what he asked for. Father Rabbit then stood in the doorway, watching his son hop off into the country singing and happy as the birds in the air.

Rabbit ran into some other creatures. He met a fox and a wolf. To celebrate gaining new friends, Rabbit spent his money pleasing his friends. Rabbit then spent more and more time in the city, gaining more friends and spending more money on them. Rabbit woke up one morning in an apartment with the landlord staring down at him.

“My dear friend Rabbit, it seems that your time here is up,” the landlord said.

“My time? What do you mean, my friend?” Rabbit said rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“You know, your money has been all used up, so I am afraid I have to throw you out.”

“Throw me out?!? Are we not friends?”

“We were. I am sorry,” the landlord said as he bowed his head.

Two guards came in and dragged Rabbit away, and threw him out of the building door, then slammed the door in his face. Rabbit thought this was unbelievable. “This is unbelievable,” Rabbit said clutching a paw to his forehead. Rabbit looked up into the white silent closed doors in front of him. He had realized all his friends only became his friends for his money. Rabbit was hurt; he thought they were his friends.

“I am such a fool.” Rabbit said. However, Rabbit did not think about going home, instead he thought of getting a job and gaining new and better friends. Apparently though, the only job he could find was plowing the grounds. Everyday, he was given a hoe to plow the ground for hours and hours everyday. Rabbit sweated so much even taking a shower did not help his smell. Then during the hottest part of the day, Rabbit realized that even the other rabbits that served Father Rabbit did not have to work like this. Rabbit dropped his hoe in the field and set out to ask Father Rabbit if he could be like one of his servants.

Away Rabbit hopped, smelly and tired from traveling. Father Rabbit was standing at the door, as he did everyday since Rabbit had left him. When Father Rabbit saw Rabbit in a distance limply hopping back, Father Rabbit hopped so fast to his son that he knocked him over. Father Rabbit also hugged Rabbit so tight that he almost suffocated. “Oh, my son!” Father Rabbit kept saying over and over with tears in his eyes.

“Let us celebrate!” Father Rabbit called to all his servants. “For my son was dead, and now he is alive.”

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