Navy Girl

March 11, 2008
By HongCo Tran, Sydney. NSW, ZZ

One little girl slowly crossed the street, held her old umbrella tightly as if the wind would surely blow it away. Some young men while on their hurry getting to the first in line had pushed her down without sorry.

One guy passed by, and suddenly stopped her move. He said something was really not in English. She smiled, 'it's okay'
They walked together with her navy umbrella.
Some joke made the crowd behind them all laughed, but she just kept silent. Many Chinese here, she thought, and I'll never get out of these stupid things. Hating Chinese and walking with Chinese, what the hell am I doing here?

The guy told her some other strange words, still and took her umbrella.
"You speak Mandarin or...?"
She told him where she was from.
Nothing was said then as her mind was full-filled with many feelings. As time went by and put dust over all old days, yet it could not erase pain and hurt which were sleeping inside.
But dear, you know what,

Walking through the rain with a stranger,

it is strange, really.

They stopped right at the front door of the theatre, smoke which came from nowhere in the air got her as pale as ever.
"You alright?"
"you sure?"
"never mind, mate"
"Ok, thanks a lot."
He gave the umbrella back to her, and turned on the other way.
She just stayed there. Not to look at him, just simply stayed in the middle of the feelings.
one gone by,
and she let it be
as many unfinished stories in life,

Just put all the stories like this together,
moment was just a moment
but its taste, whatever, still lasts till the very end.

Rain still poured down,
outside ...
See you, my moments,
in a small corner of life

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