The Rain Falls Soundlessly

March 11, 2008
By anthony smith, Grand Rapids, OH

The rain falls soundlessly outdoors, only noticed after the lightning hits.She looks up from her coffee to only notice someone is in her home.
She stays calm, and looks like she heard nothing. She waited there, sitting on her couch. Just waiting to attack. The person walks far too quietly to be human, she knew who it was.
She waits for him to come closer, for he is too ignorant to notice he's in danger.
The boy is ready to attack. He makes sure he has a direct, simple approach, to get to his victim.
He gets ready, set, and pounce. Once in air, he pulls out two knives, and almost strikes. But she was too fast for him, for he is the one on the ground. Blood dripping from the wound in his stomach, larger now, since she striked him, for the gash was always there. Her was going to die any ways.
She on the other hand, wasn't letting some ignorant boy, kill her, she knew him. She, knew he was no match for her.
She gave him mercy, which she has never done before. She put an odd mark on his forehead...
"May you have pride, even after death"

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