"Rashiku" Ikimasho"

March 11, 2008
By Janna Day, Cumming, GA

Chapter One-

Oh no, I’m late! Coach Rook is going to kill me! She thought running down the hallway. Everything was quiet except her racing heartbeat, which seemed to fill the corridor. Her name was Mae Andrews. She was late again for Coach Rook’s AP Mythology class. This made the threat of her expulsion more real.

Her curly brown hair bounced as she ran down the hall. Maybe I should fake sick. She thought. Her azure eyes flashed gray as she saw Coach Rook walking down the hall in her direction. Did he see me? Oh crap, I’m in deep s*** now. She thought quickly turning and running for the girls’ bathroom. Can I make it? She didn’t think so, but tried anyway. She couldn’t get caught.

“Miss Andrews I found you.” A dark, proud voice filled the corridor. It was full and booming; it must have been Coach Rook’s.

“Are you by any chance skipping my class?” he asked. She must not answer. “Now Miss Andrews!” His voice was roughened and harsh.

“I-I was late and my car broke down.” She said trying not to stutter.
Dead and digging her grave.

“Well then, come with me Miss Andrews. You should know by now I do not tolerate tardiness.” He spat back at the shivering girl.

He put his hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. He could tell she was lying. Her eyes were gathering tears. Maybe I can make him feel bad about expelling me. She thought. “You’re lying to me Andrews. What really happened? He asked.
“You won’t believe me if I told you. I don’t even believe myself.” She shot back.
“Try me.” He had a very wondering look in his eyes.
“Well, I was walking down the hallway in the connecting building and I heard a voice calling my name, so I followed it. The voice lead me down the hall and into an empty room. I went in and searched it over for whatever was calling me. I found nothing really, but a computer monitor was on. A weird foreign language was all over the screen. There was no time to analyze it because the bell rang. I heard the voice say something I didn’t understand, and then it said ‘go to your destiny’ in English. Then, I left the room and headed strait for you class.” Mae finished and took a long hard breath of air.
“Well, you have quiet the story on your hands. Come with me Andrews.” He said turning around.
She followed him down the corridor. He turned into the connecting building. He moved swiftly and at a rushed pace. He turned into the room that Mae had been in previously. It was dark and cold. The floor was littered with boxes. Four computers were in the corner, one was on. The writhing was still on the screen and unreadable. Coach Rook sat down at the computer and stared into the screen. He scrolled down and hummed randomly at the little squiggles and lines.
“I see, she chose you. Andrews you are here by expelled from this school on a count of several offences that do not need to be named. You are part of something much greater than this school.” Coach Rook said not taking his eyes off the screen. “Let me explain Andrews. My real name is Chosi Amgi Soto and I am from the Zarchen Connection. I want you to go to the Academy and train to become a warrior. Now I will tell you that Dana chose you not me.
“Who are you… you… freak! What are you talking about?” She said taking a step back.
“Calm down, we need you to fight the Shadows-d”
“Shadows! You’ve lost your mind old man!” She ran out of the room not looking back.

Mae watched the rain fall on the window sill. She was thinking about what Coach Rook told her. Nothing made sense in her mind, it was like everything was scrambled and combined together making everything lost. The rain struck hard against the glass gathering in drops and falling to the ground.

She turned away from the window. She hid her face behind her curly hair. She walked up the stairs and into her room. It was painted purple and the ceiling was black with glow in the dark stars. Pictures of friends and family covered the walls. Books littered the small desk in the corner. The bed was purple and black with pillows in the shapes of stars. A mirror hung adjacent to the bed.
Mae sat down on the edge of the bed looking down at the pale gray carpet. She fell back landing on a pile of pillows and random stuffed animals. She reached over to turn on the radio. The music drifted into her mind and calmed her soul. She let the rhythm control her. Soon she let her puzzled mind fall into a deep slumber.
In her dream she saw a world of great beauty, alive with every type of life. It thrived and grew; loved covered the world. Everything was so blissful in the dream. All of a sudden a dark shadow was cast on the world killing everything with its force. All of the glorious flowers withered and rotted away. The animals fell dead where they stood. The color was sucked away; everything became lifeless.
“Protect Zarchen…please protect Zarchen.” A voice rang in her head. It was light and delicate almost angelic.
She awoke to the alarm clock going off right next to her ear. It’s Saturday. She thought. The downstairs T.V. was booming some mindless cartoon show. Her brother was awake and claiming dominance over the living room and her mother was down stairs cooking something that smelt good. She needed to see Coach Rook.

Later that day, Mae ventured into the woods that were behind her house. The woods was her sanctuary; a place were she could be herself away form the eyes of lying human beings. After all that had happened yesterday, she needed some time to gather her thoughts before she did something rash. The woods were quiet almost timelessly still. Mae loved it. The peace was a welcome sound that seldom came.
She came across a clearing within the woods. The sun beamed down through the trees and made the air glow. A gentle hum filled the air. The music was a sweet melody that sounded pure and hopeful. It was coming from above in the tree top. She looked up and saw the figure of a young woman playing a small reed instrument.
“Hey, you up there! This is my place!” Mae yelled up. The figure continued to play soft and gently. “Are you listening to me?” Mae asked ticked off.
The figure stopped playing and jumped down from the trees. She looked slightly older that Mae. Her hair was a golden brown that angelically flowed down her back. Her eyes were a soft aquamarine much like the ocean waters. She wore a modest beige floor length dress that elegantly draped over her curves. She held in her hand a wooden flute.
“You do not own the land, but the land allows you its resources.” She said. Her voice was strong and flowing.
“Whatever.” Mae said rolling her eyes. Smart a**. She thought to herself.
“Honor your superiors. Do you know where I can find Mae Andrews? She asked.
“I’m Mae .Who are you?” Mae said. Then in dawned on her, this person was a complete stranger and she just told her name.
“I ‘m Dana. I need you to help me. My world is dying and I can do nothing to stop it.”
“What can I do?” Mae asked remembering what Coach Rook said and that dream.
“I need you to follow me to my world. I will give you more information when we get there.” Dana said giving a wave at her hand. She began to play her flute. The melody as fast, but gentle. A warp hole was forming in the sunlight. When Dana stopped, the warp hole was large enough to let a person through.
“Enter Mae and know your fate.” Dana said smiling as she entered the warp hole.
I must be losing my mind; this is unreal. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained, but must I follow her? Oh, now I defiantly am in deep s*** never mind Coach Rook. She thought. “Here it goes.” She said as she walked forward into the hole.

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