Love and Murder

March 10, 2008
By Jared Reynolds, Glade Spring, VA

“So tell me, where were you on March 17, 2008?” A man, big broad shouldered, big chest, black, his bewildering eyes staring down at a teenager who is much smaller than him, the black man had on a black dress shirt and black pants he also had a gun holster around his waist. The black man is bald and his eyes are bulging. The young man sat in the metal chair quietly. The black man sat down on the other side of the table and sighed, he sat there holding his head with his hand and looked away trying to calm himself down. He finally said,

“How old are you son, 18, 19?”

“I’m 18 sir.” The boy said in a low whispery voice, unsure of what the man was going to do to him. He knew that he is a cop, actually he’s an FBI agent, his name is Special Agent Bradley and he is investigating a murder, but he isn’t sure exactly how he got brought into this.

“So do you have a girlfriend, Bryan?” Agent Bradley said in a soft but intimidating voice, Bryan felt scared, he answered,

“No, sir, I don’t.”

“You have a lot of friends?”

“I have a few yeah, I mean I’m not the most popular guy in school but I have my fair share of friends.”

“What if anything ever happened to them, to make them die. What would you do?”

“I don’t know, cry mostly, they’re my friends.”

“Do you know why your hear Bryan?”

“No sir, I don’t.”

“I will tell you why you are here if you tell me where you were on Saturday March 17, 2008. I need to know.”

“Okay, on Saturday, I was at home most of the night, until about twelve, my dad gets drunk a lot and he yells at me. I was yelling back and he hit me. So I ran out of the house, I didn’t have anywhere in mind to go, I was honestly just walking, but when I actually stopped replaying what happened with my dad in my head I was at Michelle’s house, she’s my best friend, I told her what happened and she got angry. I think she was angry anyway when I got there but she didn’t say anything. When I woke up, I stayed at her house, when I woke up she had left and she left a note behind, it said I have done something very bad and I need to disappear for a couple days, see you soon, Michelle. I went home and everything was fine between my dad and me. I don’t see how this has to do with anything that would be here.”

Agent Bradley simply stood from his seat and began to pace across the room, he finally said something to Bryan,

“It doesn’t, I want to show you something.”
Agent Bradley led Bryan out of the interrogation room and down the hall without saying a word to him. He finally made a turn to go down another hallway. Finally Agent Bradley turned into a room which was the Coroners office, Agent Bradley led Bryan to the back of the room where a table sat still with a cover over top it. Bryan knew what was underneath the cover. Agent Bradley pulled the cover off of the table to reveal a dead body, Bryan knew the person at once. Agent Bradley asked Bryan,

“Do you know this girl?”

Bryan answered unsure if he actually wanted to,

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you know what happened to her?” asked Agent Bradley as he pointed at the girl. Bryan just stood and looked at Agent Bradley, not knowing the answer. Bryan walked over to the body and looked down; a tear fell from his eyes. Agent Bradley didn’t have time for Bryan to mourn the loss of a girl he asked,

“What is her name, Bryan?”

“It’s Jenny, she and I were involved a while back, I still love her.”

“Where is Michelle? I need to know now!”

“I don’t know she just took off.”

“Do you know of anywhere that she might go, somewhere special to her?”

Bryan thought for a moment and he remember a spot he figured would be special to her, the first spot that they ever had sex. He told Agent Bradley where the spot is and he asked if he could go. Agent Bradley answered him with a quick no and sped away, opening his phone to call some back up.

Agent Bradley arrived at an old factory that had been burned down three years previous, he couldn’t remember what the factory used to make but he didn’t care at this point, he just wanted to get the girl and put her away for murder, assuming he could get a confession out of her, or at least prove it was her. Agent Bradley waited for his back up to arrive and when they did he and the other agents suited up with there bullet proof vests and pulled out their guns. Agent Bradley led a group of agents in the front door and another agent took a few agents to the back and side doors. Agent Bradley kicked the door in and they all sped in holding their guns up and preparing for gunfire. The girl was sitting in the middle of the room with her hands in her lap watching the front door. She said as she saw Agent Bradley lower his gun,

“Did Bryan tell you about his place? It was the first place we ever made love, or to me it was making love to him it was just another lay. I love him, I really do. That’s why I had to get her out of the picture; she was flooding his mind making him think that she was going to come back when in reality she was about as interested in him as he was me. It hurt me to see him hurt.”

“So you kill the girl he loves.” Agent Bradley had motioned to make all the other officers lower their weapons and he continued, “How do you say you love someone and then hurt them more than they’ve ever been hurt. It’s not love it’s insanity.”

Agent Bradley began walking toward Michelle keeping his gun in his hands he said,

“Killing someone is not the way you get what you want, as a matter of fact you get exactly the opposite.”

The door behind Agent Bradley opened and he turned to see who has entered. It was Bryan he walked through the crowd of police officers and up to Agent Bradley and said,

“Did she do it?”

Agent Bradley nodded his head and turned to let Bryan see Michelle. Bryan walked up to Michelle and looked her in the eyes and said,

“Why’d you do it?”

Michelle answered without any mourning tone in her voice,

“Because I love you and she treated you like crap, but you kept going back to her, you wanted her to be mean; I just wanted you to be mine.”

Bryan glared at her with sadness in his eyes and said,

“I will never be yours and I never have been. Get over it!”
Michelle’s face was red with the tears falling from her eyes she was crying harder now then she had ever cried. She pulled a gun from behind her and said,

“Then you will not be anyone’s!” She shot the gun and the bullet hit Bryan in the head. Agent Bradley rushed to Bryan’s aid ordering others to get the girl, the order was unnecessary because she wasn’t running she actually sat back down and began to cry. The agents took Michelle into custody and she was finally convicted and sentenced to life in prison, charged for two murders, Janet Mancelona and Bryan Garcia. Their funeral was on the same day and they were both buried beside one another, Janet and Bryan were truly in love with one another, they had a fight and broke up for a while but they passion was still there.

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