Flank Steak with a Side of Bitternes: The Tale of an Old Woman

March 10, 2008
By Monique Fogelsong, Elizabethtown, KY

I am not mad, only old. People don’t seem to understand that. Unfortunately I’ll continue to get older until I eventually die and finally be at peace. My maturity as and old women makes me seem bitter I suppose, but that’s no reason to assume that I’m mad. I guess I as an older woman am appalled by the incline of stupidity in our humanity. Maybe I have higher standards than most people, I’m unsure.

Ok so I admit I’m not terribly old. I’m 41; I live alone, no children, and no husband. Men are especially irate and big-headed which I will not tolerate. Recently I have been working as a hostess in a local restaurant called “Frank’s Fabulous Flank Steaks”. I just got this job about 5 weeks ago. Our customers usually consist of the elderly and a more mature crowd of adults. Well just yesterday we got a rowdy bunch of disgraceful teenagers. What are they teaching children in school? Some little blondie had to open her mouth and sound really stupid in front of all of her little guy friends.

“Oh my god Jake is so smart he uses big words, I really wanna be with him so bad but he was all like I don’t want to date you because I’m so indecisive, and I looked at him and was like what the hell does indecisive mean?”

First of all how long has this girl been in school, has it seriously taught her nothing? I walked over to the table and filled their drinks and said “Indecisive means to be unable to choose or make up your mind hon’.”

She replied “Wow you’re really smart too,”

I respond “Honey if you just listen to the root word you could have figured it out yourself,”

“Gosh don’t get so mad,” she squeaked.

“I’m not mad, I just can’t believe that you’ve gone most of your life never hearing that word or knowing what it means. I learned that in the 7th grade sweetie,” I replied.

They got up and left which I personally think was the smartest thing that ever entered her brain. I just don’t understand how someone goes without knowing what that means. I’ve heard some teens who can’t even read properly. They spit out the words like a 1st grader. It’s really ridiculous and simply an outrage. Someone should write the school board. Reading and vocabulary should be top priority because it’s everything. I think I will write and give them a piece of my mind. So later on that week I received a letter back from the school board basically saying “We’re doing the best we can, if you want something done become a teacher,”

So now I’ve made it my mission in life to teach children the things I was taught when I was in school. We had more morals and tried harder. We had less technology I think that’s what’s distracting them. They can’t keep focused for all the items they could play with instead of learn things and become a greater being. Now I know I sound like I hate teenagers but I don’t. I just hate the ones that don’t understand certain things or are unable to comprehend words and their meanings. I think their parents should have them focus more on school and reward them with the technological tools if they do well.
This is just my opinion. What do I know anyhow? I’m just an old woman searching for a being that isn’t stupid. I don’t get upset about these things. My old age is my excuse. Because like I said… I am not mad, only old.

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