Fear is Near

March 10, 2008
By Jack Schlau, Clarkston, MI

I nervously strolled to the bathroom.
Although it said OUT OF USE,
the bathroom provided a temporary hideout for me.
He stomped into the room, splinters of wood
sprayed out everywhere like the water at the bottom of a waterfall from the door;
I knew I was a goner.
Between the booming echo of footsteps approaching me,
my breaths got shorter
and shorter, quicker
and quicker, softer
and softer.
I slithered under the stalls on the grimy floor
away from my potential bruises.
I scampered into the nearest classroom,
but he was waiting for me.
He was everywhere.
He is everywhere.
However, the closer I got to shouting for help,
the smaller and smaller he got.
I finally consulted the principal about him,
but right before my eyes,
he disappeared.

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