3 Lilies

March 9, 2008
By Leyla Krasselt, Opelousas, LA

The boy ran up a hill. At the top of the hill, the boy saw a beautiful beach with its fine,golden sand. It was nearing sunset, and the boy saw a girl walking up the hill. She had three lilies in her brown,lusterous hair.

Each step she took the boys heart started to beat faster and faster. He loved this girl very much....

At sunset, she had finally made it up the hill. She walked over to the boy and leaned over to kiss him. But before she could kiss him, she faded away with the sunset. The boy heard the beeping of an alarm clock. The boy woke up to find out he was only dreaming.

Later that day, the boy found out that the girl had drowned at the beach lastnight.

When he when to her funeral 3 days later, he put a lily on her grave,a lily on the hill from his dream, and a lily in a bottle with a piece of paper, pencil, and a ring. He then set out to sea.

The next day, the boy found the same bottle.

with a note in it:

I do but I can't....

I'm sorry I had to go away

But my time is done.....

I promise,

Until the day you die, I'll wait for you at the gates of heaven.

And thats a promise of a lifetime.

I love you with all my heart.

The lily never died as the boy's love for the girl never died.

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