Demon Me

March 9, 2008
By Kahea Brown, Kempner, TX

My footsteps echoed through the streets loudly as I ran from my demonic side. I hadn’t meant for my spell to go awry. I only wanted to see myself as a demon on a TV, but something went horribly wrong. Now I just didn’t know how to fix it.

When the spell went awry, she appeared in front of me, as if I was looking in a mirror. I turned my head to cough, and then the other me had disappeared. I had to find her quick, I knew, before the sweepers can through the city tonight.

I quickly ran up the marble staircase to the attic. The walls felt like they were radiating heat. Or maybe it was my body heat, just my senses being heightened by the fear of my life being taken away due to overexposure of magic.

“Nathan! Get here now!” I screamed into the open attic. To others, this attic would appear normal, but to the two families that lived here, it was far from normal. “Nathan, now!” I screamed again, only louder.

A bunch of little blue sparkles drifted down from above. Nathan had finally arrived. As a seventeen-year old protecting angel, he was still fairly new at teleportation.

“Sorry it took so long.” He paused, looked up at Jessi and saw that she’d been crying. Quietly, he walked in front of her and held his arms out.

She embraced the warm feel of someone she could trust. “I need help. I’m in so much trouble. Can you help me?” She said in between sobs.

“I can try, but you have to tell me what happened first.” He said sympathetically.

“I said a spell that should’ve let me see my demonic side on TV, but it brought her into this reality, not just TV> She’s already exposed magic worldly in the hour she’s been here.”

Panic quickly rose in Nathan. He hoped that his voice wouldn’t show Jessi how anxious this made him. “She’s been here an hour already?”

“Hour to hour and a half. Why? Is something wrong? You’re looking a little pale.”

“She can only be here for four hours at a time. Now that she’s out it’ll be harder to get her back. Are you up to this challenge? I will warn you now that this will be one of the hardest battles you ever fight.”

“Nathan, I just don’t know what to do…I’m so sorry to have caused you more problems.” Jessi paused long enough to gather more air to finish her sentence. “I know what you said is true; I’m willing to try my hardest though.”

Nathan knew that what Jessi said was true because of how long they had been friends. Jesse was one of the strongest people that he knew of. Her husband was the same way and was Nathan’s best friend.

Someone rapped at the door impatiently. Jessi flew down the stairs and looked through the peep hole. Seeing who was at the door, Jessi whipped it open as quickly as she could.

“Zane!” She exclaimed and threw her arms around him.

“I wasn’t expecting this type of welcoming, but I’m glad that I got it.” Zane embraced the hug back.

Zane and Jessi had been married for about two years, but their chemistry only grew over time. The two had become inseparable after they met at a writing conference. He was there for science discovery and she was there for music and fantasy.

Jessi’s entire life was a fantasy story. Everything she did was too perfect for everyone to believe that she did. Jessi went flying almost every other weekend with Zane, traveled to exotic places in a matter of seconds, and anything else that you could imagine.

The first book that Jessi got published was about their relationship and everything that they went through. Neither one had the best family background, but both grew and became great writers because of the problems they faced at such a young age.

“Zane, have I told you since you’ve been home, how much I love you?” Jessi inquired, even though she already knew the answer.

“I don’t think you have, but I have a better idea.” The rest of his sentence fell on deaf ears because of his plan. Immediately, they were kissing, not ever wanting either to leave again, even if only for a moment.

“If that was your better idea,” she paused to give him another quick kiss on the cheek, “I like it.” She could feel his emotions rising to a never before level. It was the curse, and joy, of being an empath.

Nothing Zane felt went unnoticed by Jessi even before she received her new powers only about a year ago.

Nathan walked into the hallway, reached out to tap Jessi on the shoulder, but she said, “I know. Zane and I are about to track myself. Think you could work on a potion?” Zane was about to question what was going on, but Jessi silenced him before the question left his lips.

Jessi grabbed Zane’s hand and bolted around the corner before Nathan could even reply. Her empathic powers let her know that Nathan was proud of her for finally taking charge of the situation she created.

“Zane, baby, would you mind looking for the demonic binder. It should have something have something in it about good witches and their demonic side.”

“Only if you tell me what’s going on.”

“I cast a spell that should’ve let me see my demonic side, only on TV, but it went awry and the other me went out.”

A few seconds passed before anything else was said. Found me!” Jessi exclaimed when the crystal fell on the map.

Once again, around another corner the two bolted around. Zane had found the notes and joined her in the kitchen with Nathan. Nathan was pouring the potion into the vials and began capping them. Nathan then grabbed all three vials and practically flew out the door with Zane on the other side of Jessi.

The demonic Jessi now stood directly in front of the trio. Would this Jessi know every plan, move, and step that the white Jessi would make? No one knew the answers.

In this type of situation, Nathan thought of a quote he heard in sophomore English. “We must constantly remind ourselves to look at it in a different way.” He must’ve said it out loud because Zane replied, “What?”

The quote, however, gave Jessi an idea, which would actually give the trio the advantage. “Thanks Nathan, you’re great.” Jessi calmly said to both guys quietly enough where only they could hear. She quickly told Zane and Nathan her plan and asked, “Ready?!”

Both guys nodded their heads and phase one began. “So, Jessi,” he turned to his wife and continued, “if you want to leave and go home, you can. Nathan and I have this under control here.”

“Really Jessi. We can handle everything here, even though it isn’t much.”

Jessi nodded and walked out of the dark alley. As soon as she made it to the corner, she could feel Nathan teleporting her to the top of the building. Jessi would remain there until the demon was weak enough that they could throw the potion on her and her be forever gone.

Nathan and Zane nodded towards each other, knowing where the real Jessi was and what she was doing. This plan had to work they both thought. The next second, both guys were being attacked by a wild woman. Running straight at them and screaming, Zane and Nathan split on different sides of her.

At the very same time they yelled, “Double Attack!!!” Only these two could pull of this stunt. It would knock dark Jessi so deep that nothing could really be done to save her. Nathan’s powers were bringing their Jessi back down off the roof at this time.

The trio stood in a semi-circle, chanting the reversal spell that had been written and passed down through the generations. “We stand here, wishing this to be undone; going to hear, not going to fear.” The third time they chanted, they threw the potions and the dark Jessi had disappeared and the trio paced themselves homeward bound, knowing what was to come of their unwelcome visitors…

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