2:14 in the Morning

March 8, 2008
2:14 in the morning she woke up to the tinkling sound of her ring tone. In a still sleepy phase answerd the phone.
"Hello is this Miss.Ward?"
"the sleep tranced teen answers with a yes and the voice on the other end starts to speak again.
"miss. Ward I am officer richard from the Gospel county P.D. are you in relation to Karen ward?"
Now the slightly alarmed teen speaks.
"yes, she is my Mother, is something wrong"
there was a long pause.
"miss.ward I am sorry to report to you that your mother had been in a car accident , and is expected to not make it.we have your sister here she is safe we contacted some one by the name of joy robbertson by her request"
Alyssa Ward was too stunned to put to gether complete phrases, she mumbled ok and comming.
at At 2:23 she pulled her car out of the drive and headed for the Missinoni hospital 3 hours away. so many thoughts ran through her head as she drove. Alyssa picked up her phone and diled his number.
"hey youve reached jake, you kow what to do. beeep!"
In an almost wisper through her tears she mannaged "jake.. its. liss moms gone pickin up the kid ill be at the hospital call me when you get this please."
the rest of the ride she rode in scilence she arrived at the station and found the little girl sitting with tear stained cheeks. all alyssa could think to do was pick her up, the instant she picked her up tear flowed. JOy was there to she enbraced her. they all made the dreaded trip to the hospital. upon arriving she asked the clerk at the desk to show her to her mothers room. the clerks face went from normal to tense. Alyssa had a feeling, the clerk said she was terribl sorry but Ms. ward had passed. she wandered numbly back to the lobby and found joy in tears, she had also heard the new. Alyssa picked up the little girl and took her out side for so air. once she reached the exit she saw it.
jake was standing there still in sweats and his hair had obviously not been delt with.
as he said her name tears began to flow down her face. Jake took the little girl from her arms and lead her to his car. they sat in scilence for a few minuets and then he began to drive.
Alyssa was the first to speak.
"im so scared, Im 18 I cant take care of a kid.My life seems to be at end "
"alyssa you will do just fine.. im always here if you need help you know that"
"she shouldnt have worked late ... she shouldnt have been driving ...she should have died it wasnt her time "
"Lyss thats God's right ... not your and he thought i was...alyssa your an amazing person and you can do anything you set you mind to."
"i cant do this though..."she wispered
the little girl was alseep in the back by the time they pulled into a parking lot. she sat and talk to jake and he held her as the tears flowed down.
"she needs you now lyss.. dont back out god wouldnt give you anything you cant handle"
she sat and thought about his statment and her tears dried he was right.
"that you jake your are gods gift I dont know what i would have done with out you you are one special friend."
Jake smiled and hugged her tight . "i mean it Alyssa your all the kid has now and im not going to let you handle this on your own. Im going to be in her life just as much as possible I want to help you in any way i can"
"Jake thats way beyond the call of friendship..."
" i know im tired of being just your friend lYss you about to take on a huge responsiblity and i want to be right there with you Ill do what ever it takes to help you. lyss I love you I truly do"
tears started to roll down her cheeks again.this time she was crying for all the right reasons She realized her live was not over it was just beginning. "Heavenly father.. thank you for the blessing that you have sent me forgive me for taking so long to realize it, watch over my mother take care of her .. in your name i pray amen."

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