If We Had Never Met

March 8, 2008
What if we had never met?
What if I had never encountered you before? Never seen your tall frame, your charming smile, you light brown hair, and your deep piercing blue eyes, blue as the ocean that I see each day, casting a thounsand ships off into the unboundless sea. I don't know if I could go my whole life without seeing your handsome face, sometimes framed my your "superior" silver brimmed glasses, or contagious sense of humor, and your relaxed sense of ease as you carry on a conversation with me. I don't know if my life would be completely the same without your presence and your guidence.

You showed me so much as i began to be more comfortable with you, feeling you near me, and that one time I touched your hand.You taught me to be more confident with myself, to go for all the stars in the sky, and I came to understand that a person like you is rare, "a gentlemen of modern age", so kind, so down to earth.I'm now letting you know as I end this poem, that if you didn't get a clue of how I feel about you and the impression that you made on me,well you did. And for that I am eternally graateful. Hopefully someday when our paths cross, you will see that you feel the same way about me.

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NickyJ said...
Mar. 10, 2012 at 2:19 pm

Gotta say, I can't stand how you structured this "poem". It looks and reads more like a wall of text or two un-indented paragraphs.

Structuring aside (although still very important. You should re-think how you structure your poetry), as well as ignoring the various spelling mistakes and basic punctuation problems, I can't say that I like the substance of this poem. The cliches run rampant and theres nothing memorable or special that you leave the reader with, except a headache because ... (more »)

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