The Big Superhero Convention

March 7, 2008
By Victor Le, San Antonio, TX

One day, some of the world's better known superheroes attended a superhero convention. It was at the lunch buffet that all our problems started. "No more bean burritos?" Batman screamed. "Batman needs bean burritos!" He threw a bat grenade at the buffet and blew it up.
"Hey, what's your problem?" Wonderwoman asked.
"The bean burritos are gone!" Batman replied. "He probably ate the last one!" He pointed at the Hulk. "It's no wonder why he's so big!"
"You can't talk to the big guy like that!" Spiderman said protectively. "He'll crush you!"
"Let's take this outside!" The heroes stepped out of the building and prepared to do battle. Batman ran into the bat cave, returning with the batmobile which he used to run over Wonderwoman with. The Hulk leaped on the vehicle, crushing it, but Batman jumped out and threw another bat grenade at him. It missed though, and instead hit Superman. In response, he used heat vision on Spiderman, who shot web in Green Lantern's eye, blinding him. He ran into the building in his blind state. Wonderwoman saw this and laughed. Her laughter was cut short by Batman pulling on her long, curly hair. What he didn't know was she could defend herself. Seconds later, Batman was on the ground, writhing in pain. During this time, the Hulk was still pounding on the batmobile thinking Batman never left. All the while, Superman whaled on Spiderman for blinding his ally. As for the Green Lantern, he was peeling off the sticky web. He pulled it off just in time to see the superheroes fighting, yet this wasn't what surprised him. What surprised him was the sight of a bunny eating a bean burrito.
"Stop! No one ate the burrito. It was the innocent bunny!"
"Get him!" Batman declared.

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