Hiding from Him

March 6, 2008
By Lexy Turnbull, Chehalis, WA

I'm sitting here all alone in the darkness, hiding. From "Him". I hear a slight noise. He exposes me of my "spot"! At this moment my life is threatened. He grasps my arm as I scream. I soon get loose from his tight grasp, leaving unwanted marks on my arm. I run as fast as my legs can take me. Trying not to stumble. He seems to be a little wobbley at first. But still begins to rise. I look back for a quick second, just to see a distorting smile spread across his face. I, still running, opening and closing doors as I go, FALL! I sense the heat of his body, slowly getting closer to mine. He lacks the strength to keep me on my stomach. As I roll over, my scream is like that of a screech owl. My feet flailing in the air. Finally! I nail him in the face. I jump back to my feet, yet again running. Just by the glimpse of his expression, I can tell that he is NOT satisfied. He (for some reason that I do not know) stalls getting to his feet. And still, the chase keeps going. Me, hoping it will end soon. He, wanting me in his grasp once again. This time, I let him catch me. Him not knowing what I have pre-planned while he stalls. All I need is a quick second. Here he is, attempting to choke me. My plan has failed. I now know why he has stalled. He takes me down. Slowly losing conciousness, my life flashes before my eyes. As it does, I remember a wrestling move my brother taught me a few months before. I use it, and it works! I now have him on his back. Using all of my strength to keep it that way. As I sit on top of him, strangling him to the death. I start crying. Which to this day, I do not know the reason why. I start to feel his life being slowly taken away from him. I still crying, stop holding his air way closed. Hoping there is a little life left in him, I run out of my house. Abandoning him, there, all alone in the darkness. Just like I was before. I can imagine just how he feels, frightened and alone. Just like he should be. So, after all he had done to me, I run and run. As fast as I can go. I end up at the police station. My face swollen with tears. I tell them what a horrible thing I have done. Not telling them what he has done to me. They rush to his body, cold and still. They announce his death. Which to me, is a slight reliefe.

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