Chapter 1

March 6, 2008
By Jon Buckley, Londonderry, NH

I pulled out of her cobble stoned driveway, it was snowing. It had been snowing since the trip to the barn but it didn’t become relevant until now. A lot of things didn’t become relevant until now, the way she said “man” after a long weekend, the red on a balloon, and the polar bears, those all seemed irrelevant until February. One house, then two then five, all blurry snow covered boxes filled with lights or no lights people or animals or nothing. I turned onto a back road and there were peacock-esque beasts slumming in the street. I stopped the van, the smoke mobile. The radio played some ambiguous Death Cab song that sounded like winter, it sounded like whites and blues and polar bears. The creatures were turkeys. I parked the smoke mobile and put my hand on the steering wheel and sighed. The turkey’s, Janet, Tiffany, and Joel, looked back and questioned my parking.
“What is he doing?” Joel honked, I wondered if turkey’s honk. There was no one to answer the question so I went along with this idea that these turkeys were honking to each other. The snow grew harder and the world seemed whiter. I wondered if any cars would come by or if the people in their boxes would look out their windows or windoors, a door that is made of glass that you can look through much like a window, and honk to each other and wonder what I was doing. I was almost on empty so I shut the car off, well not off but to the point where it’s not on and not off. Where you can hear the radio and maybe the wipers work but I don’t think you can move at all. The turkeys moved in and out of the road playing games to get attention. I let my head rest on the steering wheel and turned off the wipers. The turkeys left, a car passed me and I knew I should leave. I turned on the car, the wipers and the lights; the car was unstable and upset.
“He’s depressed” Janet whispered, she didn’t have to whisper. Everyone was in their boxes and it was the appropriate amount of time away to start talking about me.

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