A Summer

March 6, 2008
By blaine jones, SMYRNA, TN

Well, on May 31, of 2006. I had got my report card. I had a d, c, f, b, d, a. All bad grades the only A was in gym. I really had like it.
We play soccer the first week. Then, four square and a lot more. In soccer that day I remember me being the goalie. It was so fun. That day I was really sweating badly and the girls didn’t like it. I had put on deodorant. I smelled really bad until I put it on. Ok, now back to my report card. My mom who was mad saw the bold letters not passed! I was so mad. My mom said” I hope you like it in summer school” u had yelled” no” everyone looked at me. It was so embarrassing at me. My best friend Matthew was there and had no passed too. Well, my mom told me I am going to summer school. Next week, he had it so I plan it out. I was a very bad kid. I would shoot spit balls at the teacher. It was so fun. I was the bad kid in school. I would get in school suspension at 5 days at a time. I was a bad kid then. My friend noel would hack into the cameras and turn them off. I would push people out of my way and then turn the back on. It was so fun. I would not be nice. We look like nerds. We sat at different table then everyone else. We were smart but, never did anything of are homework. When, I did do it I made a 100.i make a good job but never did half of it. I had 5 days until I have summer school. I was scared. I yelled” boring” and my mom heard. she said” stop yelling” I said”no”she said” lets go” I said” where” “the court yard” I said” no”. I heard the phone ringing to cal someone. Then, I heard sirens coming I knew it was the police. They had 5 police officers banging on my door. So my mom had to call the courthouse and see how long I was in there. I had 3 days and nights plus community service. I hate my life at the time. I spent three days in juvenile. The first day we had grits. I said “yew”! that day I did not eat that morning. Then, at lunch we had hotdogs I said “yum”. At, dinner we has squash I yelled “yew” it had made me sick to death! That night I slept all night. Then, that morning I played cards with my friend he was in there for stealing he said. We played war a card game. I got home and had 2 days until summer school. I spend all two days outside. It was so fun. I had made a decision I am going to me a good man he said to himself. I was the only one in there being nice. I had made of 100s in all my subjects the first two weeks. I was talking to one of the students and teachers ask me to come outside. I said ‘ok”. I was shivery and cold. I was so scared. Mr. Isaid”yes” in a scared voice. She told me” you”….”passed”! I was in dreamland at the moment. I was so happy. Thank you lord for blessing her. When, I got home I had told my mom that I has passed she said” did you learn your listen son. I had said” yes” the rest of the years I learn to have respect to my teachers and my parents. I will still remember my 5th grade.

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