Have You Ever Woken Up with the Feeling You Might Die?

March 5, 2008
By milena rome, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Have you ever woken up with the feeling that you may die? You wake up and your insides are in a sensation. Your heart is in your throat, you can hear the rapid beat of your heart in your ears, racing against time, and your stomach is in a navy seal’s knot. You hear the clatter of dishes downstairs, your family’s talking, and you wonder, Will I ever hear this again? You don’t know and you are petrified, you begin to sweat, gag, and fall back, thinking the time is now, good bye, world. You lay there motionless, feeling away from your home and anyone you’ve ever loved. Tears spring to your eyes and your vision becomes little white spots. You miss your mom and your dad; no longer will you be able to hug your parents. In fact, who knows? Maybe you’ll sleep forever. Maybe you’ll be on a torture ride to hell. Maybe you’ll come back to life in the body of a cat, remembering your previous life and having a nostalgic wave for what your life used to be. You’ll get this nauseous feeling again. A huge explosion goes off in the distance, blowing bricks, tar, and limbs all over, and you are brought back to reality. You are very much alive. Your mom yells for you to come downstairs, you grab your gun from the wall and race down the stairs with urgency, skipping four steps at a time. There is a civil war outside, but we have to go to the bakery, we need to accomplish the archaically simple task of getting bread.

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