The Wish

March 5, 2008
By Samantha Cossolotto, Centerville, IA

Shayla was a teenage girl. She had a boyfriend whom she had been dating for a while. One day she called her boyfriend, Bryan, and he was being really suspicious about something. She asked him if she was interrupting something and he told her that she was. She hung up on him, and then he got really mad and called her back and started cussing her, yelling at her and putting her down. Shayla then started crying and went to her best friend Derek’s house.

Derek asked her what was wrong. He comforted her and just listened to her. She told him that Bryan had cussed her out and was putting her down just for calling him. Derek asked her what he could do to help. She told him all he could do was comfort her and tell her everything was going to be okay. Derek told her that he still loved her and she said that she loved him back. Just then, Derek’s home phone rang; it was his former friend Bryan. Derek put him on speakerphone so Shayla could hear everything he had to say. He was yelling and cussing because he couldn’t find Shayla.

Shayla told Derek that she didn’t want to be with Bryan anymore, but she was scared to break up with him because he was abusive and he threated her. Derek told her that he needed to break up with Bryan and just come over to his place right after and he would protect her if Bryan came after her. As Bryan and Shayla hung out that night, they sat together under the stars. They saw a shooting star; Derek told Shayla to wish for the strength to get through the break up. Instead, she wished to have the power to read his mind.

The next day, Bryan came to Shayla’s house and woke her up. He kissed her lips and tried to touch her. She told him that she didn’t want to. He flipped out and started yelling; once he cooled down a little bit, he told her he was sorry. She felt something really weird happen in her head and she felt her boyfriend say that if she wouldn’t mess around, then he would go to his girl on the side. She ignored it at first and then he said something else that she couldn’t quite understand. It said something about how he was going to get her.

When Bryan left her house, she immediately went over to Derek’s to tell him what had just happened. She told Derek and he asked her how she read his mind. Shayla told him that last night when she made that wish, she wished to be able to read his mind because she thought that he was cheating on her. Derek asked her if she knew where he was going. She told him that she had no idea, but she had a feeling that the girl in the diner has a crush on him.

Derek took Shayla past the diner and through the window they saw Bryan flirting with the girl at the counter. Shayla had Derek stopped and she got out and went and sat at a table where Bryan couldn’t see her. She started listening really closely. She couldn’t hear anything. Then she had the weird feeling in her head again. Then she heard him say, “Man, I’m going to have a good night tonight, I think I’ll take her to the City Park.” Derek told Shayla that they were going to follow them to the park.

Derek and Shayla followed them toward the park. Shayla had that weird feeling in her head again and she heard him say something about he thought someone was following them. Shayla told Derek to pull over and stay there, and they would be able to follow them in a few. Derek pulled over and shut his lights off. When Bryan and the girl got far enough away, they started back on the road and turned his lights back on. When they saw Bryan’s truck pull off in the park, they went a little farther down and parked.

Shayla left Derek’s car and snuck over to the Bryan’s truck and found them making out. She opened the truck door and started yelling at him. The girl was devastated. She had no idea that he had a girlfriend. She apologized over and over again. Shayla finally had the guts to tell Bryan that it was over. He tried getting her back and she just walked away. The girl followed her and asked if she could have a ride back to her car at the diner. Bryan chased after Shayla and flipped out when he found out that she was with Derek. The girl got in the back seat and Shayla climbed in after her. Bryan started beating on the window and watched his ex-girlfriend kiss Derek for giving her the strength for leaving Bryan. Derek and Shayla began to date and they are doing really well. They have been together now for three years and Bryan is still trying to get her back.

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