A Ride to Remember

March 4, 2008
By Rachael Vosejpka, Maple Grove, MN

"Come on Charlotte! Hurry Up! We're almost there!"
Hoofs pounded through the woods, the full moon shone overhead, lighting up the sky and casting an eerie glow over the forest.
"Jay! Slow Down!" A little girl, looking the age of six sat upon a speckled pony, riding after her ten-year-old brother. Her brother giggled but pulled on the reins, slowing down his shaggy brown horse.
"Please Jay! Don't leave me alone!" Charlotte cried, urging her pony to go faster. Suddenly, Charlotte's pony stopped almost causing her to topple right over his head. The pony wouldn't budge as Charlotte kicked and kicked. It was getting colder and she and her brother had been out in the woods for a ride on their horses. It was an exciting evening until they had gotten lost, taking the wrong turn and possibly miles from home.
"Jay! Stop! Coco won't go!!!" Charlotte yelled. Jay didn't stop. She could hear her brother's laughing getting fainter.
"Please! Please!" Charlotte begged. Without success, Charlotte gave up on the pony, sitting back in the saddle as tears ran down her face.
"Jay! It's not funny!" She yelled, not hearing her brother any longer. Her long brown curls were tangled with twigs and leaves. Her face smeared with dirt and her small yellow sun dress had already began to fade.
"I'm Serious -" She was interrupted by a loud yell, clearly emitted from Jay. Charlotte jumped from the noise, startling Coco who snorted uncertainly. Her brother continued to yell until it slowly died down. Charlotte squeezed her eyes shut. Coco was breathing hard, nostrils flaring. His eyes darted back and forth as he prepared to bolt. Charlotte cried harder, grasping Coco's side in freight.
"Jay?" her voice came out in almost a whisper. Charlotte began to shiver and she slowly opened her eyes. The bushes in front of her began to move. Coco started to step back and Charlotte followed in his lead. Her breathing became harsh and uneven as she stared at the bushes, eyes wide and mouth gaping open. A Dark Figure leapt out. Charlotte didin't know what hit her and she never will.

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