Kyle's Bully Issue

February 28, 2012
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Kyle ran out of his seventh hour class when the bell rang. He got everything and walked out the front doors. Half way home, while singing, he ran into something and fell. He looked up and didn’t like what he saw.
He saw at least five big, buff guys surrounding him. When he got up, he tried going through them, but it was no use. Then he was carried away into an alley and got punched in the stomach. One of the guys who looked the biggest said, “You’re such a weakling.” At that very moment, all of the guys in the group started beating Kyle.
“Why are you doing this?” asked Kyle weakly.
“You’re the smartest kid in school. So do my homework and you won’t get hurt.” barked Andrew, one of the bullies.
“Never in a million years! I’m not doing your homework!” bellowed Kyle.
“We didn’t want to do this…” Andrew told Kyle as they started beating on him again.
After what seemed like forever, they stopped hurting Kyle. He then started crying. Andrew said, “Haha look he’s crying!” They all burst out laughing and walked away. Kyle got up, and ran home.
When he got home, he went to the bathroom and washed off, knowing he would have bruises the next day. Kyle was happy that his mom was still on her way home from work. He was also happy that they lived in Chicago and that it was a big city. After he washed off, he put some PJ’s on and laid on the couch.
Three days later Kyle was walking home and Andrew and his group were following him. He started running. They were right on his tail. Kyle decided to dash across the street. Then he ran into an alley and hid in a dumpster. The dumpster smelled like rotten fish, that had been was out for a week. It smelled worse than the guy’s locker room after gym.
He sat in there for five minutes. He thought he was safe. When he got out of the dumpster, he was immediately punched in the face. Blood covered Kyle. It slowly dripped down his cheek, like he was crying blood. It was like his face had been smashed into a bowl of fruit punch. As the blood slid down his cheek, he had a chance to taste it. It tasted bitter. Once he was able to see, he saw the dumpster and the gang of bullies. He tried getting out, but Andrew wouldn’t let him. Kyle got shoved right back into the smelly dumpster. This time it smelled like socks, socks that had been worn over and over again without being washed. He managed to get out. Andrew grabbed him and hissed, “This is your last chance. Do my homework or suffer.”
“Do what you want. I’m not doing your homework!” Kyla screeched with blood in his mouth.
“Boys, get him!” bellowed Andrew. Once again, Kyle was punched, kicked and slapped.
The next day was a Sunday. Once Kyle got up and went to the bathroom, he screamed. He had a black eye. He started freaking out. He didn’t know what to do. Should he tell his mom or just simply hide it? Before he could choose, his mom walked in the bathroom.
“Are you almost…. Oh my god what happened to your eye?!” his mother asked loudly.
“It... It’s...” he stuttered. “It’s nothing.”
“Stop lying and tell me the truth!” hollered his mom angrily.
“Okay okay! Well…”

“Well what?”

“Some guys at my school tried getting me to do their homework. Don’t worry I refused. But when I did, they started hurting me.”

“Oh my god! Honey why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was scared. I’m sorry.” Kyle ran to his mom and gave her a hug.

The next morning, Kyle woke up at 6:30, knowing he would have to go to school. Surprisingly, his mom said that they were going to go early. When they did, they went straight to the office. They told the principal about the bullying. They came out 15 minutes later, and Kyle had a huge smile on his face. In fifth hour, Andrew was sent to the office for not having his homework done. Kyle knew that undone homework was only half of the reason why he was going to the office.

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