The Theif

February 28, 2012
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“Mom! It’s time to leave!” Kaylen and Becca yelled.

“I’m coming,” Mom yelled back. Kaylen and Becca were going on their first trip to the Mall of America. The trip takes more than three hours and Kaylen and Becca, twins, didn't get along at all!

They think they are going on this trip to spend the money they got from aunts and uncles, but when they get there they will find out and be surprised.

On their way to the mall, the girls fought over everything, like what meals to have or what movie to watch in the DVD player. Becca and Kaylen's mom was so sick of this that she was about ready to turn around and not let them go until they got along better.

As soon as the girls got to the mall, they were fine! Their mom surprised each of them with a $2000 gift card to the whole mall. The girls were so excited that they actually hugged each other.

The first store they went to was the Nike store. Kaylen and Becca love any sports they can do. When they first got into the store, they were trying on anything they could get their hands on. As they were looking around they saw a particular man watching them and other people in the store. They were creeped, out but they just went along and didn't say anything to their mom or the man. Over the next few hours, the girls had a blast!

When it was time to eat lunch, Becca and Kaylen saw the man again! Now this was getting a little creepy, because everywhere they went the man was! This man looked like a hobo. He had dirty hair, ragged clothes, dirt all over him, and yellow teeth.

The girls turned around to tell their mom that the man was following them, but their mom was talking to some old lady about where to go to find the shoe store. When they finally got her attention, she said to just ignore him. He probably just likes the stores you go into, too!

The next thing you know, the girls turn around and their bags are gone!

“The bags are gone!” Kaylen cried.

“I bet it was the man who was stalking us,” Becca yelled back.

Becca and Kaylen were both so surprised that they just stood there for a few seconds wondering how this could happen to them. But then both of the girls just started sprinting to find the man, without even telling their mom!

When they finally stopped running, they made a plan. The plan was to go to the security department and find the people who work with the security cameras all over the mall to see if they could find where the man went after he was at the food court.

The next thing they would do would be was to go buy rope so when they found the man they could tie his hands together so that he couldn't hurt them, because he was a big man. After that they would sneak up behind him and Kaylen would jump on his back while Becca would tie his hand together.

They were off, their plan was working out great so far! They had already gotten to the security department and the man that was working there was so nice! He wanted to help out, but both the girls said that they wanted to do it on their own. They found out that the man was near door D, around two minutes ago. Kaylen sprinted towards door D, and the man was going up the elevator.

“Where is Becca?” Kaylen thought. Within the next minute, Becca was running towards her saying she had to get a free doughnut from the doughnut parlor!

“Why would you go get a doughnut now, were on a mission!” Kaylen said.

Now the girls were back together and that's all that mattered. After the next elevator came down, they both went up. They could see the man with all their bags. He was tripping over all of them, so they were sure they could catch up to him.

Kaylen and Becca got behind a a rack of clothes and waited for the man to come a little bit closer so they could attack. The man was so close. He was two feet ahead of them.

Kaylen jumped on the man’s back, while Becca tied his hands together with the rope they had bought at the store. They had done it! The girls had actually used teamwork!

Right then, their mom came running towards them asking them what the heck they were doing, but she stopped herself because she realized that the girls were using teamwork.

After the man got arrested for stealing the bags, all three of the girls went out to eat and had a wonderful time.

The girls never fought like they used to ever again. Kaylen and Becca were best friends for the rest of the lives.

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