Basketball Game Gone Wrong!

February 28, 2012
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The summer of 2011 my basketball team joined a tournament in Mahomet, little did we know the game we were about to play vs. Mt. Zion would be unforgettable!

The game was on, and I got the tip. Tipped back to Lauren, she passed it down and just like that we were up 2 to 0.

We kept up the momentum, and soon we were up 16 to 2. Then things got messy!

A player from Mt. Zion named Beth wasn't about to let her team go down that fast. She was their point guard and not afraid to run into our center: me.

She got past the guard and was coming straight at me. I planted my feet and BOOM! Took the charge.

I'm not sure how much basketball background those referees had, but if I could guess it wouldn't have been much. The whistle blew foul on me!

I was watching the game, and there she goes. Beth flew around our guard and straight into Lizzie, the other center. They were both banged up and Beth was benched.

When she came back in, we were up 20 to 4 and she was not happy, Beth was not about to lose to Monticello! She came in and bruised, bumped, and benched a couple of our players. She was completely out of control, and the refs weren't calling anything.

BUZZ! Half time.

Lizzie's dad who was up in the stands videotaping the game came down to talk to the refs.”Those girls are getting too rough out there, you really need to control the game!”

“We can't control them, they're girls, and we won't change a thing,” replied one ref.

So Lizzie's dad came over to talk to the coach, and then pulled Lizzie out of the game.

Half time is over, its game time! We are one player down and Mt. Zion’s point guard is as wild as ever.

SWOOSH! We scored again, 22 to 4!

Beth grabs the ball and flies down the court, at the same time Jessica has planted her feet and is ready to take a charge. Beth collides with Jessica, and literally flipped landing on the ground with a THUMP!

The whole crowd holds their breath and the whistle blows, foul on Jessica! Then “AAHHHHHHHHHH,” Beth is on the ground screaming.

Both teams take their benches, and the Mt. Zion coach, Beth's parents, and the refs go to see if she is okay.

Five minutes later nothing has changed, she is still screaming. Ten minutes later her cries soften and her coach tries to sit her up, and with the slightest movement she is screaming again!

Beth's mom is very worried, and after a solid 15 minutes of crying and screaming, she decides to call 9-1-1!

WEOO, WEOO! Everyone hears the sirens and then paramedics run through the door.

By this time Jessica is crying because she feels as if it was all her fault that Beth is hurt. Our whole team tells her that it isn't her fault, and that Beth was completely out of control and brought this on herself.

The ambulance is there, and her cries start to fade. The paramedics put a mask on her, strapped her to a board, put her on a stretcher, and took her away. The Mt. Zion coach decides that it would be best to have the team follow her to the hospital, so they do.

Half an hour after Beth's injury, half the gym was cleared. There was still time on the clock because the game was never finished. Also Lizzie's dad had every thing on tape.

We watched the tape forwards, backwards, and in slow motion. We saw her flip, and her hip hit the ground with a THUMP! Later we found out that Beth was okay, and not to worry. She wasn't injured too horribly and she would heal fast.

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