I Woke Up Suddenly from a Nightmare

March 4, 2008
By Nicole Parry, Cedar Springs, MI

I woke up suddenly from a nightmare. I caught a glimpse at the clock on my bedside table; it read 4:30 a.m. I looked around my room looking for something. I didn’t realize what I was looking for until I seen it, a picture of me and my twin sister, Chasity, when we were younger. I sat in bed thinking about how that twelve years ago my mother and sister were killed by a female vampire. This vampire was one that hated any of her kind. Her types were labeled hunters in my house. I don’t remember what the hunter looked like, or what her name was. Although, I do remember one of her features, her eyes. Her eyes were the color of sunsets, like the ones you see in pictures: reds, pinks, and yellows covering the sky. I couldn’t help but think as I was lying there in bed, that her eyes would be the most beautiful things in the world, if it were not for the coldness and hatred in them. She knew my sister and I very well, if she didn’t she would not have been able to find us. Who ever it was that killed my sister did not succeed in their plan, because I am still alive.
I remember that night perfectly. That was the night father and I found my mother lying close to death in the snow. Her body was mangled almost beyond recognition. There was blood all over the ground. Not just her blood, but Chasitys too. My mother had bite, and claw marks all over her body. A vampire killed her; however, the injuries were too small to be from a male. Before she passed away, the last word she spoke was my name, Scarlet. After I witnessed my mother’s death, looked around and realized that Chasity was nowhere to be seen. We started to look for her but we could barley see an inch in front of our fact thanks to the horrible blizzard. She had extensive injuries from what we could tell from all the blood in the snow. We didn’t know how bad her condition really was. I don’t know how my sister would have survived from the injuries. That night I saw glowing eyes watching me in the dark while we were looking for Chasity, I knew at once this was my family’s killer. My father and I continued searching for her for about a year. We eventually gave up our search but the hope my father had took a tole on his body and mind. After the night of my mother’s death, my father was never the same. He rarely ever cared for anything anymore. All his efforts went toward finding Chasity, who looked exactly like mother. Although he still had one daughter, I felt that he thought his life was ruined. He didn’t have a purpose anymore. The person who killed my mother and sister would pay for what she did to my family. After that night I made it my goal in life to find their killer and repay the debt.
My alarm startled me out of my thoughts. I hit the button on the alarm to make the noise stop. I slowly got up and went over to my closet to find a uniform for school. It consisted of a plaid skirt, white shirt, and closed toe shoes. All of the uniforms had to include our school colors: red, white, and black. I chose my short red and black plaid skirt, see-through white shirt with white bra, and a pair of black Converse. I went into the bathroom to straighten my long black hair. As I was heading back to my room with my straight hair hitting the bottom of my skirt, I grabbed the fifteen black bracelets I had sitting on my bedside table. I continued walking until I got to my dresser on the other side of the room. I sat down on the velvet red chair to apply my makeup. Black eyeliner and mascara, silver eye shadow, and clear lip-gloss. I looked my-self over in the mirror before going downstairs. I looked good, my green eyes sparkling under the makeup. I flipped off the light on my way down. My father, Charles, has already made breakfast. “How’s my little vampire this morning?” he asked without looking up from his paper.
“Ok,” I said rolling my eyes.
“I made bacon and eggs, help yourself,” he said uninterested.
“That’s ok, I have to get to school. I’m going to be late.”
I got to school after missing my first two classes, and was heading to my favorite class when the bell rang. I hated being late because the teacher would give me a detention. I decided to just skip the class; a detention was not worth it. So instead of going to class, I hung out in the library all hour.
After the bell rang, I went to lunch. I was the first one in lunch line and the first one out, so I got to get what ever I wanted to eat and got to sit wherever I wanted in the lunch room. However, I sat alone because everyone annoyed me. Guys sat there drooling over me, and the girls got pissed because their boyfriends were. I have that effect on people and I would rather not deal with the consequences of it.
After lunch I went to AP Chemistry then Art. In Art I always draw my sister. We were twins but complete opposites, so it was extremely easy to draw her. No one knew I had a sister, so they all thought I was drawing an alternate personality, which I do not have, by the way.
When school was out I was greeted by my step-aunt Senna. She took me out to dinner once a week. Senna had on a white dress and flip-flops today, and her long curly blond hair was falling around her face. She looked like the innocent angel she truly was. When she finally drove me home, I noticed that my Uncle Jay was there. I have barley ever seen my Uncle Jay, and I have never met my Aunt Genevieve, his wife. I asked her if she wanted to come in, but her response was one of disbelief. “I don’t associate with half-breeds.” She was referring to my father and uncle.
“I will see you next week then,” I said as I shut the door. I didn’t take offence that my mother, her sister, was also a half-breed. I walked in the house to see my uncle and father yelling at each other.
“It’s your fault she’s dead,” my uncle screamed at my father, “If you would have never fallen for her she would still be alive!”
“How does that have anything to do with it?”
“Your children were what killed her. If she never married you she would have never gotten pregnant. Chasity and Scarlet both killed her.”
Before he said anything back I got out of the room, not wanting to hear him agree. I ran with tears streaming down my face up the stairs to my room, and locked the door behind me. I made myself a promise as I wiped away the tears: to leave and find the hunter. I grabbed my jacket and jumped out of my window. I headed toward the woods. I figured my mother and sisters’ killer would try and hunt me down. I thought right.
As I was running through the woods, I heard a noise. I stopped suddenly near a tree and started to climb. Getting to the top, I looked down. There was a girl standing there, and I jumped down in front of her. She had blond hair and blue eyes, but other then those two differences we looked exactly alike. Our eyes met and at that very moment I knew she was my twin sister, Chasity.
I ran forwards to give her a hug, but she stepped away toward someone I had never met before. This woman had short red-brown hair, and her eyes… I stopped in my tracks. A deep growl came from my throat at that moment. It was her. I wanted so badly to attack her at that moment, but I would not be irrational. “Who are you?” I said.
“You naïve little vampire. How could you have not figured it out? Let me go through this with you. You’ve figured out that I know you very well. You also have never seen me before. Who could I be?”
“Aunt Genevieve? How did you know where to find me?” I asked, confused.
“Congratulations, you figured it out. Once your father realized you were missing, he called everyone he knew. We told him we didn’t see you, so he said he would keep calling around,” she said spitefully.
“Every time I asked about you, Uncle Jay said you were busy hunting, because like me, you were also a vampire. Although, he never mentioned you were hunting me.”
She lunged forward and everything went dark.
I woke up, what had to be hours later someplace very dark and cold. “Is anyone there?” I called out into the darkness.
“It’s about time you woke up,” said a voice.
“Who’s there?” I asked, trying to hide the fear in my voice.
A light suddenly came on, and I could see who I was talking to. It was Chasity. She was wearing a light blue dress, and her long blond hair was flowing over her shoulders. She was beautiful. “Chasity…”
“What did you call me?” she asked, viciously.
“Chasity, that’s your name. You’re my sister.”
“First off, my name is Kay, K-A-Y, not Chasity. Second, I would never be related to a filthy piece of dirt like you.”
“What the h…”
“No!” She cut me off, “Don’t say anything else you piece of filth.”
“Chasity, what happened to you? Why are you like this? What happened to my sister?”
“Come upstairs, sweetie,” a voice said from the top of the stairs, “Mommy is coming down.”
Chasity turned toward me and gave me a look that would kill. “You’re in trouble now.” She turned back around and ran up the stairs as someone else came down. It was my Aunt Genevieve.
“She is not your daughter!” I shouted at her, “She looks exactly like me, she is Chasity.”
“So she is, but you still can’t prove anything. You can’t even prove she is related to you. She is of a different race. She is an angel, and you are a vampire. She doesn’t believe you are her sister, and she will back me up because she believes I am her mother.”
I smiled on the inside. One thing I absolutely knew was that all teenagers are curious. I was right. Chasity walked about halfway down the stairs. I could see her, but Aunt Genevieve couldn’t. “So, what is she to you then?” I asked with a conniving look on my face.
“She is nothing but a tool to me, and after I get her to murder you, her twin sister, I will get rid of her just like I got rid of your mother.
I finally let the smile show; although I was hurting on the inside thinking of what my mother went through. I was looking behind her, and her curiosity got the best of her. She turned to see Chasity standing there with tears running down her face. “Why would you do that, do you have no heart?” Chasity said to Aunt Genevieve.
“I have always wanted you two dead. I planned it for five years, ever since you both were born. I succeeded in killing your mother, so she couldn’t have anymore children. She stole the only person I had ever loved, your father. She married him, so I took revenge out on her. That’s when I thought of the brilliant idea to marry Jay, her brother. After I killed your mother, I tried to kill you Chasity, but you wouldn’t die, not as long as Scarlet was still alive. You both had to die at the same time, or one of you had to kill the other. I was planning on raising you and having you turn on your sister. And to answer your question, no, I do not have a heart.”
She ran over to the cell I was in and unlocked it. We both ran at Aunt Genevieve with all the force we had. Aunt Genevieves’ eyes became wide, and before she knew what was going on, I was on top of her. I only had one chance to tear her apart before she realized what was going on. I took my one chance. I tore at her throat and her blood was going everywhere. I didn’t really care. She caused my father and me so much pain I had to take revenge. Suddenly, I felt someone pulling me off of her.
“What are you doing?” I asked, outraged.
“She’s dead. You don’t need to continue,” Chasity said, while tears were still running down her face.
I just killed the only person she had ever known as a mother. I felt horrible. “What are you thinking about?” I asked.
“When do we get to go meet father?”
I took her hand in mine. “Let’s go now.”
“Ok, let’s go,” she said.
When we walked in the door, my father jumped up to great me. He stopped when he realized there were two of us. He was speechless. “Dad,” I said, speaking softly, “let me reintroduce you to your daughter, Chasity.”
For the first time since that dreadful night, many years ago, I slept very peacefully. My alarm went off in the morning and the only difference between now and then was that I had to wake up my sister. I woke her up, and we got ready together. We slowly went over to my closet to find a uniform. I chose the same exact outfit I wore before, and she chose the same. We went into the bathroom to straighten out long hair. As we were heading back to my room, I grabbed the fifteen black bracelets I had sitting on my bedside table. We continued walking until we got to my dresser on the other side of the room. We sat down on the chair to apply our makeup. Black eyeliner and mascara, silver eye shadow, and clear lip-gloss. We looked ourselves over in the mirror before going downstairs. We looked good. I flipped off the light on my way downstairs. Our father had already made breakfast. “How are my little twins this morning?” he asked, looking up from his paper and smiling.
“Fine,” we said at the same time. We looked at each other and started laughing.

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