Friendless to Popular

March 3, 2008
By Donna D'Orazio, Fulton, NY

Once there was a girl named Mariah. She wasn't very popular and didn't have any friends. There was a school dance coming up and she really wanted to go, but she was afraid to. While she was in math class, a girl named Alexis asked her if she was going to the dance. Mariah said no because she had never been to one before and she didn't want to go alone. Alexis offered to go with Mariah if she wanted. Mariah then told Alexis that she had nothing to wear. Alexis told her to come over to her house and she would give cute stuff to wear to the dance. She said she would even do her hair for her. Mariah was in shock. No one had ever been so nice to her before. She told Alexis that she would come over an hour before the dance so they could get ready. Sure enough she was at Alexis' house and they had gotten ready together. When they walked into the dance a lot of people came up o Alexis asking her who the new girl was( talking about Mariah). Alexis told them that she wasn't new, but she used to be really shy. A lot of kids told her that she look very pretty, and a couple of guys asked her out. When they got out of the dance they went back to Alexis' house and Alexis gave Mariah some new clothes. Alexis told her to start wearing them instead of the old, stained clothes that were back at her house. So on Monday when they went to school Mariah was wearing the clothes that Alexis had given her. Everyone was talking to her and complimenting her on how pretty she looked. That day when she got home from school she was very happy. She called Alexis to say thank you but her mom said that she wasn't home from school yet. So Mariah said that she would just thank her in school the next day. Mariah was so happy, she could finally say that she had friends. Even if they weren't her real friends, they had been nice to her and she was grateful for that. The next day in school Alexis wasn't there so Mariah figured that she must have been sick. The next day in school Alexis wasn't there either. Mariah heard some kids talking about Alexis. She went up to them and asked her if they knew where she was. They started to cry as they pointed up. Mariah didn't understand. The girls walked away and Mariah went to science class thinking about what they had meant by pointing up. Her class was filled with upset people crying and at that moment she had finally understood what had happened and began to cry. She ran out of the classroom yelling, "Why Alexis? Why did you do this to me? I finally had a friend and then this happens!" She ran out of the school and all the way home. When she ran in the door crying her mom hugged her and what was wrong and why she was home from school so early, it had just started. As Mariah tried to stop crying to tell her mom what had happened she spit out the words, " Alexis... bus crash..... dead... the only friend I've ever had... dead!" Her mom started to cry also as she hugged Mariah. They both got in the car and went to Alexis' house. Her mom answered the door and was happy to see that it was Mariah. She was also crying. She told Mariah about how Alexis was very happy to have met her and she was going to invite her over on the weekend but she obviously couldn't now. Her mom felt it necessary that Mariah get all of Alexis' clothes. So when Mariah went back to school and was wearing Alexis' clothes, everyone looked at her in a strange way at first then they all rushed up to her and hugged her. They said that they all wanted to be friends with her. She was happy and confused at the same time. She didn't think it was possible. She had gone from friendless to popular in less than a week. When she went home and lied down to go to sleep she hugged her mom and said, " Today was the best day ever!" When her mom left the room Mariah closed her eyes tight and whispered, "Thank you Alexis, Thank you for everything!" Even to this day Mariah is still friends with all of those kids. Even Alexis. She has Alexis' spirit with her every day.

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