First Day, No Way

February 28, 2012
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Cece King, that is my name. I am going to tell you the true story of my first day of school.

It's 7am, and I am getting ready for my first day of high school. But before I get started telling you about my adventure, I need to tell you something. I have never been to public school. EVER!

Now walking down the stairs, I'm extremely nervous. The reason I am nervous is: a) I have never been to public school, b) I am one of the tallest girls you have ever laid eyes on, and c) I don't know a single soul, except for the ones that I go to church with.

I get in my car and start driving. On the way my nerves calm down. I find this amazing parking space right by the main door and it was in the shade! I slowly get out of the car and walk confidently into the school. And once inside, I almost go into cardiac arrest! It was huge! Now I would never find any of my classes.

Miraculously, I find myself in 1st period, English. I discover a seat furthest away from the teacher's desk, and I sit quietly down. Soon more kids my age start to file in and they all stop and stare at me.

Between you and me, lets just say when people think they are whispering quietly, they aren't. I could hear every word people were saying and even though they didn't say a name, I could tell they were talking about me.

“Who is that?!” a jock practically yelled!

“ Who let Godzilla's wife in the classroom?!?” screamed the almost too cheery cheerleaders!

“ She looks way too old to be a 10th grader. Did she get held back?” asked the chess club.

I heard more, but I don't even know if I am allowed to say those words. Lets just settle on people are mean, judgmental, and flat out rude.

The day dragged on and nothing too dramatic or tragic happened. But soon last period rolled around, and it was my best subject, science. As usual, I sat by myself at a lab table. A blonde-headed girl strutted towards me as if she were on a runway modeling for Chanel. Surprisingly she made me look short. I knew her from somewhere................ then it hit me, she was from my church. And praise Jesus for the first time today someone talked directly to me.

“Hey! I'm Megan. Megan Day. You went to the private academy here in town. St. Mary's School of God, right?”


“ Your Cece King. My mom and your mom are friends, but it’s weird they never introduced us.” she replied.

“Yeah, it is weird.....” I said almost excitedly!

After last period, Megan invited me to her house. So, I dialed my parents to explain to them where I would be. Once they gave me permission, we started to walk talking all the way to her house. Soon after we got to her room we studied, talked about boys, and even played a few games.

When I left I was so excited for the new school year! I had an actual friend, an actual living and breathing friend. And I wasn't going to get slaughtered on my second day of school.

TWO YEARS LATER...............

I will proudly say I am not dead. I made it through high school, and I am in fact graduating in the spring! And with only a few months left I am finally getting the ropes of high school. A little late, I know. Coincidentally, the kids who were mean to me on my first day are some of my best friends now.

Back to graduation! I am going to Auburn University for my degree in science, with my best friend Megan Day.

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