February 28, 2012
By gackerman264 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
gackerman264 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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I remember how the kids made fun of everything I did. They laughed at my teeth, clothes, glasses, and things I said. They thought it was a fun thing to do, didn't think anything would happen. But what they didn't know was I seek revenge, and I never play fair.

That was in 4th grade, we're seniors now. I've taken the past few years and thought up a plan to “dispose” of them. I decided upon a unique plan for all 3 of them. Billy always laughed at my teeth and told me they were as big as Bugs Bunny’s. So I decided to start with him.

I biked to his house in the middle of the night with my tools in my backpack. I sat on his porch listening to the moan of his parents TV, spying through the windows to see where everyone was, waiting till they all went to sleep. When they all went to sleep I picked the lock and let myself in the broad doorway that was covered in vines and had a light scent of mold. I quickly found my way to Billy's bedroom. I shoved a sock down his throat and carried him to his backyard while he was struggling for his life. I grabbed my knife out of my backpack and sliced through his skin, sliced through his hair, sliced through his life. He lay motionless, so I packed up my stuff and left him in the damp grass.

The next morning at school everyone was tense and nervous. They thought that was bad, they didn't know what else I had in store. Maria was next, she always laughed at what I wore. I honestly thought that I looked stylish.

I grabbed her after school and shoved her in my trunk after I knocked her out with a hit of my frying pan. I drove to an older-than-your-great-great-great-grandma cemetery. I pulled her out of my trunk onto the ground and grabbed my lighter and some ropes. I tied her together and started her hair on fire. It sizzled down to her scalp and she awoke with a scream. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” But I just kept starting random places on her body afire. Her skin sizzled and dripped with an offbeat sound onto the black singed grass. A burnt aroma filled the air and was going down my throat with a rubbery appeal. I touched her neck slightly, there was no pulse. I packed up my stuff and left.

The next morning everyone was terrified. The police couldn't figure out that I was the one killing everyone. I decided that I would kill Edward now, I saved the best for last. Edward always made fun of the things I said, he would mock me and make snotty comments about me. I had a very special plan for him.

I jumped in my car with a rusty can opener and went onto the roads. There was a patch of black ice and I lost control of my old beaten up stick shift. The tire was stuck so I started spinning. I could feel my bones cracking with every hit I took to the door and the glass shattering when my head banged it with a ferocious thump. There was a bright light then the whole world went black. I'm the one laughing now.

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