The Tale Of David

February 28, 2012
The wrinkled sea beneath him, he stares out at the sky, not thinking about anything but the beautiful tragedy of life.
He inches closer to the ledge, tears running down his face.
The pink sky, the blue clouds. He has never seen anything like it before today as the sun rises above the horizon.
He knows he will be with his son and wife soon enough. His toes dangle off the edge.
His family killed in an accident caused by his drunkenness.
The guilt and sorrow doesn't lesson - even during sleep. The tears are heavier now, blurring his vision.
"The truth will set us free" he thinks to himself over and over.
Hours pass as he stands there and soon he hears the voices of angels in Heaven.
"Daddy!" one calls out as he remembers his two year old son rushing into his arms.
"David" the other cries tears of happiness as they say 'I do'.
He falls, loving the air rushing past him.

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