Student's Near-Death Experience in Freak Hallway Accident

March 3, 2008
By Kayla Thompson, Cedar Springs, MI

Benjamin Mathew Brutus McGee III was recently injured on the day of January 15th, 2008. Walking peacefully to his second hour at Cedar Springs High School, he was suddenly distracted when he noticed a group of students popping out of nowhere in the middle of the hallway, slamming him with full force into the wall. We all know that students standing in the middle of the hallways is a serious matter at our school. Who knew the outcome would be this serious? With a broken jaw, fractured arm, and a sprained wrist, Ben still lives to tell his story.

“I was just an innocent victim in these hectic high school hallways. I was walking to class and then the next thing I know, this group of people crash into me like a freeway accident! They were like hallway zombies…only deadlier!” Ben explains. It was obvious that he was traumatized by the situation that had happened.

The principal agrees with the issue at hand. “We believe this is a serious matter. It needs to be stopped immediately before it’s too late,” the principal informs. “I see students come in daily getting hurt from these hallway accidents. Mobs of students standing in the middle of the hallway arebecoming even deadlier than the cafeteria food, and that’s pretty darn deadly!”

Every day there are students complaining about these “hall zombies”. It is strongly advised that all reading this must stay alert of these students roaming the halls. Ben is a perfect example for why you must never turn your back when focused on walking in the halls. Although it was his favorite class, Ben never did make it to class that day. It’s a shame to know one movement of someone’s actions can ruin another person’s whole day. Be aware of these students. You never know when you will suddenly get schocked by a sudden bump in the arm, or bruise, fracture, sprain, broken bones, or sometimes…even death!

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