The Stars Shone Full and Bright

March 3, 2008
The stars shone full and bright along the Cherokee Indian frontier. Within the central tent resided the chief's daughter, Rose Thorn with her father. She was at time even more revered among her Indian people for the belief that she possessed powers of the moon begotten by her deceased mother. Some even said to have seen Rose Thorn wandering at night naked towards the moonlight with her eyes shining green like emeralds. Of course, no one believed these claims for the sheer unlikelihood of it all.

However, Rose herself knew that something had awoken her for many nights, despite that it might not be supernatural. She only wished that she could be conscious enough to tell exactly what it was. One day, she decided to see the local witch doctor of their tribe, whose powers were only surpassed be the supposed spiritual enegery of Rose's royal family. He provided her with a special remedy comprised of various herbs to keep her awake overnight so she could once and for all prove or disprove these superstitions.

The rememdy had seemed to do the trick as Rose remained completely alert that evening, waiting for a sign that a presenece of some kind was drawing near. She paid special attention to the moonlight, that being her best guess as far as the source of these powers. For no less than two hours, she lay awake, beginning to close her eyes in desperation.

Suddenly, she heard an unfamiliar sound form outside - something of a contiuous drone that echoed throughout the Cherokee valley. A beautiful sound it was, one that harmonized in a amalgamated tone spliced with a massive moaning, like that of a monster. Rose sat up, a cold sweat dripping down her neck. No one else within her tribe seemed to notice the sound's grand presence among them.

She got up quickly to awaken her father, when out of nowhere, she went completely blind, seeing only the color green in her head. Her fear was unimaginable, but she restrained screaming upon recalling the theory of her 'emerald eyes'. Then came a force upon the girl's body, one like many arms holding and securing her from head to toe, lifting off her clothing and elevating her off of her feet and into the air several inches. Rose's tears caming streaming down her face inbetween the invisible force in an impulsive panic, but she restrained herself in hopes of discovereing the source of this energy upon her.

The god-like force led her out of the tent, the breeze causing her hair to waft. The force cradled her gently and she felt more and more at peace, listening to the continuous droning in the air. After a few moments of effortless transport, Rose felt water on her toes, and she soon recognized it as the great lake several miles north of the tribes campsite. The force released her slightly and Rose's feet landed upon the water in an energetic blast of spiritual energy and she was free to walk alone, the tall grass tickling her bare skin.

The great melody in the air was clearer, louder, and more gorgeous than ever from Rose's new perspective. She thought for a moment that she had died and reached rapture. Suddenly, a pair of warm familiar hands, seemingly from out of heaven itself, began to caress her frozen cheeks. Despite startling her at first, Rose's lack of sight allowed her to feel the curves and contour of the hands more clearly. Childhood memories flooded back to her, and her soft lips at last uttered the word - "Mother..."

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