Perfectly Imperfect

February 29, 2012
Perfectly Imperfect
Dark auburn hair, big round green eyes, a perfect smile, and a perfect body. The only thing not perfect about her was the scar on her left cheek. As she laid on her bed just waiting for death to slowly fall over her, she read her suicide note. She didn't care who found her, or if they even bothered to read the note. She knew she wouldn't be found for another few days, since her arrogant parents were out of town, but again she didn't care. This is what the note said.
To who ever finds me, may it be mom or dad,
Oh hi! Guess what?! I'm dead. And knowing you guys, you probably most likely don't care. I mean you did leave me home alone, while your in Sweden. You know what I've been going through, yet you just don't understand. When it happened, yeah you cared, but only a little. But now you think that since a whole year has passed, I'm fine about it. Well as you can see, I'm not fine!
When I was raped, that guy didn't just take my virginity, but he took my whole entire life. Every night i relive that horrible night. One of the nights you left me home alone. I remember hearing glass breaking down stairs. I remember hearing each step on the stairs creek as he slowly made his way up to my room. I remember seeing the doorknob slowly turning and the door opening.
Next was a blur 'cause everything happened so fast, before I knew it, he was on top of me with a knife to my face in one hand. And with his other hand he was unbuckling his pants. I remember screaming, but no one hearing me. I fought, and then he cut my face. Next thing I knew he was forcing my pants off and my legs open. Then he was inside me. After that everything went cold and dark. And when I woke up, mom was crying and screaming, and I had blood all over my face and legs.
He didn't just scar my face, he scared my life. No one talked to me after it happened. No wanted to be near me. I was fifteen when that sick and twisted bastard raped me. I was class president, and i was beautiful. But after that night, I was ugly. And no one likes an ugly girl. No one wants to be friends with an ugly girl. And no one wants to love an ugly girl. Isn't that right?
I can't take living life like this anymore. I know I'm going to Hell for doing this to myself, but aren't I already living in Hell? So, why not just die and be there for all of eternity? I doubt I'll be missed. No one wanted me around anyway. I was just a burden to all of you. I'll miss you guys, but not as much as you'll miss me.
I hope this will make you lives a little easier to live. You wont have to worry about feeding me, or leaving me home alone. Or how getting raped changed my life, even though you made it obvious that you didn't care. Miss me, don't miss me, I don't care.
Enjoy your stupid life,
Perfectly Imperfect

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