Unicycle Man

February 29, 2012
By BigM6497 SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
BigM6497 SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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Have you ever seen something so crazy that you just want to hit the ground laughing? Well if you have, this is one of those stories and if you haven’t had one of those awesome moments I think you will enjoy this story greatly.

It was a very warm summer afternoon. Birds were chirping as fast as they could chirp, people were out running errands, all was well in the world except for the fact me, Eli, and Jarrett didn’t know what to do on such a beautiful day. We had all been friends for some time now. We all liked to play sports, eat, and sleep during our summer so we needed something fun to do.

Eli suggested that we should stay in his air conditioned basement and play video games so we wouldn’t have to sweat very much. Jarrett and I didn’t like that idea so we keep thinking until, Jarrett came up the idea that we should go swimming at the pool.

Eli and I thought it was a lame idea, so we keep chilling in Eli's basement until I came up with the perfect idea. We could all go play a home run derby at Lincoln School, because Eli's house was only two blocks away. The guys really didn’t like the idea at all at, first but they soon came to their senses and realized we had nothing better to do, and we didn't have much time before school.

So, we all ran upstairs and grabbed a couple of tennis balls, and a Eli's crappy old bat. Then we jumped on our bikes and rushed toward Lincoln School so we could go play a couple of home run derby’s to kill some time before our parents wanted us home for the night.

Once we got to Lincoln School, we unloaded all of our gear and got ready to play the first home run derby. First up was Big Boy Eli. He hit six home runs to start us off hard to beat. Next up was Jarrett and he only hit four home runs. Then it was my turn I had a crushing eight home runs. I had won the first game of our home run derby.

We kept playing for a little while when all of the sudden a man with no shirt on, and skinny jeans on a unicycle rides up. He looked to be about the age of 20. He had dark brown hair, very tan, and pretty muscular.
Once he saw our bikes he says “Lame two wheeled bikes eh?”

Then he rode off like nothing happened. All of us just hit the hot asphalt laughing as hard as we could. We probably laughed for about five minutes. Once we had finally recovered from laughing we finished our home run derby and left for the day. After we were done playing our home run derby and we would soon realize this wouldn’t be the only time we saw unicycle man.

About two weeks later me, Jarrett and Eli were eating at Subway. Eli was eating his salami and cheese sandwich, Jarrett was eating a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, and I was enjoying a Big Philly Cheese Steak. We were all enjoying our lunch when all the sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw one tire going down the sidewalk I didn’t know what it was at first but then I realized it was unicycle man going down the sidewalk, coming toward us.
So I yell out “UNICYCLE MAN!!!”

We all rush out of the door of Subway, I bet the people thought we were crazy and we chase down unicycle man. We catch up to him and talk to him a little bit he doesn't tell us much about himself just about how he enjoys riding his unicycle everywhere he goes and he recognizes us from Lincoln School the other day. Then rides off just as quick as he came.

That was the last time we ever saw unicycle man. It is kind of sad that we only got to see him twice, but I bet we will see him again next summer, riding his unicycle around Monticello. This was probably one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope more things like this happen to me because it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. I can't wait until I get old and I can tell my kids and grand-kids about the crazy stuff me and my friends saw.

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