The Automatic Frito Pie Maker

March 2, 2008
By William Swihart, North Little Rock, AR

“Ugh! Blech! This Frito pie is terrible!” yelled Jose as he took a bite of his just-made snack. “What did I do wrong?”

If you have ever had this problem, or if you still make Frito pies by hand, don’t. Now from Will Inventions, Incorporated (WII) comes a brand new sensation of gears, engines, and modern technology…The Automatic Frito Pie Maker, hereafter known as the AFPM.

The people who would benefit from the AFPM include anyone from persons who throw big parties to people who just enjoy eating Frito pies. This will be a hit with everyone who has wished for a quicker and easier way to make those delicious pies!

If you are thinking you cannot operate the AFPM, you are completely wrong. Nearly anyone can use the AFPM; it even has Braille on the keys for the convenience of blind folk. Not only is the AFPM easy to operate, it is also convenient to store. It is only about 1 ½ feet tall, and its legs fold up if you don’t wish to leave it on the counter all the time. As another advantage for storage, it’s towers can be detached from the base and can be re-assembled quickly and easily; simply click the towers back into the designated areas on the base and you are ready to cook again.

The steps to operate the Automatic Frito Pie Maker are broken down into easily understood directions. You will need a few things before you can get started: a bag of Fritos, a can or bowl of chili, a slice or two of cheese, and a large casserole dish to place under the device. First, dump out a bag of Fritos into the left tower of the AFPM and select the power setting: weak, for large bits of Fritos in the pie; medium, for quarter-sized bits; or large for miniscule bits. Then, select the heat setting on the second tower: warm, hot, or inferno. This will heat your chili to your liking. Proceed to pouring your chili into the tower. Lastly, select a speed setting for the blade: slow, for a thicker blend of Fritos and chili or fast, for a smoother, creamier blend. Place a selection of your favorite cheese over the bowl or plate under the machine, close the “no-mess” curtains, and press the large, red start button to begin the cooking process. After about a minute, the AFPM should be done. As another feature, the machine comes with three attachable sizes of blades, funnels, and pouring cups (for the Fritos). The AFPM also has an astounding, automatic cooling ability; it can cool itself in a matter of seconds! So you do not have to worry about an appliance fire, and you can immediately go and enjoy your pie!

Now that I have finished explaining about this exciting new item, why don’t you rush out and buy the newest innovation from Will Inventions, Incorporated, The Automatic Frito Pie Maker.

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