I'm a Lot Better Than You Carrie!

February 29, 2008
By Becca Davis, Huntingdon, PA

“I’m a lot better than you Carrie, and I can sing what can you do? Oh I know nothing because you are dumb!” Bethany screamed in Carries face.

“No!” Carrie said calmly but to get Bethany’s attention. “ I can actually show cows and sing.”

“But who would want to be near those big ugly things. And you can not sing at all I’m the best in this school and you know it you little baby!!”

Just before Carrie is going to say something back to Bethany, the school bell rings to go to their next class.

“Whatever.” Said Carrie stomping as she walked away.

And they both waked to their classes. Carrie and Bethany did not like each other at all. Bethany would always brag in Carrie’s face about she was going to be famous and Carrie was going to milk cows the rest of her life and mount to nothing. It made Carrie really, really mad but all she would say was that she could become famous by showing cows and then she could sing if she wanted to.

“Ok class, today we are going to going to have a free read day! Does everyone have book?”

“I don’t,” Carrie said with lots of anger.

Slamming her glasses down

“Now go get it!” She said as she looked down at her glasses, and screamed

“Now look what you did Carrie you made me break my glasses, you little brat!!”

The Whole period Carrie could not stop thinking about how mean Bethany was.

“ Why does Bethany have to be so mean to me. I mean that she just thinks that all I do is milk cows and I cannot sing, well maybe she does not know what she is talking about. Maybe someday, she will be living in a regular sized house and making minimum wage. All she ever does is makes fun of me and tells me I will never mount to anything. And she thinks she is all that and all the teachers love her and all her popular friends. Most of the teachers hate me anyway and all they ever do is yell at me and tell me that I can’t do anything! Bethany is always in my face and she is so annoying.

Now the teacher could tell that she was not reading and she told her to read or she would get a detention.

“Carrie, read or you are going to go to the office and you will get a zero for you next home work grade,” the teacher said madly.

“I was reading until you started talking to me.” Carrie said. All the students looked up and stopped talking.

“What page are you on?” she asked curiously.

“100, why?” Carrie asked annoyed.

“Ok! Like, you don’t have to be like so mean. Like ok?” the teacher, said like a prep.

“I was not being like, mean at all like, you are the one like, being really mean!” Carrie said mocking the teacher

“Read!” The teacher screamed!

“Ok,” Carrie said calmly but inside she was bubbling with anger. “Why does that old creepy lady have to be so mean and talk like a prep when she is yelling! She makes me so mad.

On the other side of the hall, Bethany was having math class. She was thinking about Carrie too.

“Carrie is so ugly, stupid and poor. Unlike me, I’m beautiful and smart and really rich. She is really dumb and all she ever does in milk cows and work, I mean that who would want to work when they could be shopping at the mall and sit and watch TV and eat. I will show her what I mean when I get the chance. Its all in the plan, brag about, go for what I bragged about, become famous, and then get in her face if I see her again, but I probably will not because I’ll be famous. In addition, all the teachers love me so if I need a higher grade they might give me something to make my grade higher. Then I will be perfect and that Carrie girl will be working a Burger King making minimum and live in a really small house.” Bethany thought those mean thoughts about Carrie

Then all of a sudden the bell rang to switch classes their thoughts were interrupted by the bell. Now they both had social studies. This was going to be a disaster and it was not going to be pretty! When Carrie walked into the room she could tell that Bethany was up to some thing. When Bethany saw Carrie walk in the room she got up from her seat and went to hers.

“You!” Bethany said kind of yelling, “You are a disgrace to the world!”

“Whatever!” Carrie replied.

“You need to get a life and stop talking about me like that!” She was now screaming at Carrie.

“Why should I stop talking about to you when you talk to me mean every day I come to school!” Carrie argued.

“No you need to stop right now Carrie, you are the one being mean!” Bethany said trying to hide the fact, she was lying but it wasn’t working at all.

“You are the one who started it and plus I wouldn’t even start a conversation with you because by what you said your to good for me.

“Whatever you better stop right now or I’m going to tell the teacher he is right behind you.” She said

“Ok.” Carrie said annoyed.

The teacher was saying something about what page to turn on but Carrie was not paying any attention to him. She was too mad to think. Bethany was really starting to make her really, really mad. Then the teacher was yelling at everyone for not paying attention. Then he said get out your homework out. Tell me if you did it or not then, I will check. He said all the people’s names, Bethany was last because of her last name, and when she said she didn’t do it he didn’t even yell at her. He yelled at everyone else who did not do it.

“See, she is babied too much she should get yelled at like everyone else who did not do their homework. And she smiled when she said she didn’t do it and he just smiled back and said ok whatever and didn’t even get mad at all.” Carrie thought as they went over their homework.

Then it was time to go home and Carrie was glad to go home. She couldn’t stand Bethany any longer. Carrie wanted to go home and see her cows. When she got home, she went to the mailbox as the bus roared off. When she was looking through the mail, she saw a paper that said register now, and she tore the envelope open and when she saw what it was she was very happy. It was a form to register for the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. She knew what two cows she was going to take right away because they were the ones who had placed high in the other shows she showed them in.

A few weeks later Carrie was running everywhere to get things she would need for the show. She would have to get everything ready, because she could not come home after she got there. Carrie was getting the brushes, shampoo, and rope halters ready when she heard a strange sound behind her and she turned around to see what it was. What she hears was her cow Rosy-red and she was licking Carrie.

“What are you doing Rosy?” Carrie said laughing.

Rosy just looked at Carrie and stood there. Rosy had gotten out of the pasture that she was in. Rosy does not like being in the pasture at all. Rosy jumped fences often when she knew someone was around so that they could pet her. So Carrie went and put the halter on her and tied her up so she wouldn’t jump the fence and get dirty. Therefore, Carrie would have some company. It was thirty minutes until she would have to start to head for Madison. She almost had everything in the show box when she looked at her phone it was her Dad calling.

“Hello?” She said worried.

“Um, I can not leave work until 11 tonight so you will have to drive to Madison by yourself.” Her dad said.

“But why can’t you tell them you have to leave to go to Madison in thirty minutes. And will you be coming after you get off work?” Carrie asked her dad.

“Yes at five in the morning tomorrow, and if I leave now I’ll lose my job.” He said to her.

“Ok.” Carrie said not wanting to drive the whole way to Madison.

Then they hung up and she had twenty minutes until she had to leave because if she was not there on time then she might not get her two spaces in the barn. Then that would be really bad she would have to go home because there would be no space in the barn for them. She walked over to Rosy and patted her on the

“Guess we are on our own girl, just you, Anne, and me” said Carrie.

Then she went to get the truck, so she could load all her stuff in it. And she had to hurry. There were only 15 minutes left. After she loaded all her stuff in the truck, she went to get Anne out of the pasture. When she came back with Anne, she put her on the trailer and then went and untied Rosy and put her on too. She was all ready to go when she remembered she forgot the signs with the cow’s names on it. Therefore, she had to run back into the house to get them. When she was sure she had everything ready to go they started to go to Madison.

It was a long drive to Madison. She had 2 more hours to go. And she had to stop for a break and give the cows more hay. When she was back on the road, she was really getting tired of driving. Another 2 hours went by slowly. When it was coming close to the end of the long trip she saw a sign that said World Dairy Expo 2 miles.

“Yes!” Carrie said out loud.

Before she even knew, it was Monday the day of her show with Anne. She was standing in line to get her numbers for the show.

When it was her time to show she took Anne to the ringside a waited for the last show to be over. Then she took Anne slowly into the ring and showed her. When the judge put them in order he put Carrie and Anne first! Carrie could not think that she just won her class. She took Anne back to her pen and gave her some hay. Then she looked at Rosy who had gotten third in her class. Rosy did well, but she wouldn’t go to the final class. When it was time to go in for the final show, she took Anne to the show ring. Then went and showed her in the ring. Before she realized it, she and Anne were in the front of the rest cows.

“ I got grandchampion with you, Anne!” Carrie screamed with excitement in her head.

Anne just looked at her and mooed. But Carrie could tell that she knew that she knew that she did something good for her. After she got her ribbons and trophy she and Anne had to get their picture taken. After that she went back to find her dad talking on his cell phone. He smiled at her and lipped to her that it was her Mom. She was over in Iraq fighting.

“ She just got here from getting her pictures taken,” He said. “ Here she is,”

“Hello,” Carrie said, “ how are you?”

“ Good,” Her mom said back. “Heard you got grandchampion with your cow!”

“ Yea, she got first in her age group and then when I went back in for the final class she got grandchampion,” Carrie said “ I wish you could be here.”

“You’re fine,” She said you got grandchampion, right, and you drove all the way to Madison, by yourself.”

“I guess, but still,” Carrie said

“You’ll be fine, ok, I got to go because there are lots of people waiting for the phone too and get back to work,” Her mother said encouragingly.

“Ok I guess I will let you get back to work then,” Carrie said disappointed.

“Congratulations winning the show, Carrie, bye,” her mother said

“Bye,” Carrie said hanging up the phone.

“Wonder who Bethany is screaming at now since I’m not there,” Carrie wondered.

In the morning, her and her dad would be packing up to go back home. She really didn’t want to go home but she had to. She would have to deal with Bethany again at school. More yelling at each other and the teachers the worst part.

“But I can take Bethany and her little plans to make me miserable and the teacher yelling everything. I can take it,” Carrie thought to her self on her way home to Pennsylvania.

On their way back Carrie and her dad were talking and laughing about their week in Madison. Carrie was also thinking about how she was going to get back at Bethany. She was thinking for an hour or more and then she thought of it. She would go when Bethany was 17 or older and when she had a job. Then she would get her back. When they got home, they unloaded the cows and all the showing stuff. Then she went to her room to write down her plan to get Bethany back, on a piece of paper. She put it in a very safe place.

3 years later Carrie’s whole life changed. She went from showing cows in Madison to singing in Nashville. She had been singing at all the places she could now and Carrie had just gone for a interview for a record deal. She hoped that she got it. She liked cows, but her best ones had all died. Carrie didn’t have the money to buy another good animal so she started to sing.

“Hope you get the record!” Carrie’s dad called after her as she walked up the walk.

“I’ll be fine, I hope,” She waved as she got into the car and drove away.

Carrie could see that her steering wheel
Was wet with sweat and her knuckles were white. As she pulled in the parking lot, she had to calm herself down. She walked up and knocked on the door. She came and sat down. The woman asked her a few questions about her. The woman asked her to sing her best song. Carrie sang a song called Shooting Stars. When she was done singing the woman told her go get the phone and calls a number. When Carrie did so, man answer and asked who was this and then he told her to give the phone to the woman

“Can you go to the kitchen to and get us some coffee or tea, you choice.” The woman said.

Carrie nodded and went. She figured that the woman had to say something that she couldn’t hear now. When she got back the woman hung up the phone and told her that she had a record deal. Carrie was now jumping up and down, screaming.

After she had been in the music business for two years, she had made it pretty far. She had four number one songs that lasted for 7

In addition; she won the best video year and best female singer of the year. One day Carrie had a chance to go back home, so she went. On her way she had t stop to get something to eat. She wanted to get back fast so she stopped at burger king. And Carrie sees Bethany. Her worst enemy! But she was there and could not leave because she was in the front of the line too. Bethany asked her what she wanted before she recognized her.

“Hi,” Bethany said too Carrie.

“Hi,” Carrie said back

“Heard that you became a singer,” Bethany said.

“Yea and all you said when we were in school is that you were going to be the one to be famous,” Carrie said.

“I know and you were actually really nice and I shouldn’t of been so mean,” Bethany said.

“Its fine, I knew that you didn’t mean it even though you got on my nervous,” Carrie said smiling.

“I should have known that all my friends would ditch me after high school anyway,” Bethany said as they walked out of burger king together.

“ Hey want to come on the bus with me to figure this out?” Carrie asked.

“Sure,” Bethany said.

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